Shell and Turcas, Turkey's First LNG Station Opens

Shell Turcas turkiyenin first LNG station acti
Shell Turcas turkiyenin first LNG station acti

Shell and Turcas, road transport still signing a policy, Turkey's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) stations opened at Istanbul-Ankara highway. Turkey With this investment, the Shell station in Europe was founded lng'l 4 countries. The future of the logistics industry with environmentally friendly and economical fuel introduced by Shell & Turcas is a pioneer in the development of LNG demand in road vehicles in Turkey opener since 2020, plans to expand the LNG station network with new stations.

Shell & Turcas in trucks as an alternative fuel in road transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) has launched a new era in Turkey regarding its use. Shell & Turcas, located on a busy place as the Istanbul-Ankara Motorway Motorway Services in the area of ​​international freight traffic Sling station is located in the resort opened Turkey's first LNG station.

The opening of Turkey's first LNG station took place on January 10, 2020. Opening Kocaeli Deputy Governor Dursun Balaban, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Hazardous Substances and Combined Transport General Manager Cem Murat Yildirim, Shell Turkey Country President Ahmet Erdem, Shell & Turcas CEO Felix Faber, Doğuş Otomotiv CEO Ali Bilaloğlu and IVECO Turkey General Manager Hakkı Işınak attended.

Shell, which is the leader in the LNG industry with nearly 50 years of experience, is making significant strides towards increasing the use of LNG, which is a cleaner fuel, which offers cost advantages and in the maritime and road transportation sector. The company invests $ 1 billion annually on research and development for new fuels globally. The young, dynamic population and growing economy, Turkey is among the priority countries for Shell. Turkey, Shell in Europe caused LNG station 4. Sapanca station in Europe Shell's 14 LNG stations, opening more LNG stations in 2020 countries until the 3 final in Europe, and the total number of aims to transport 30 stations.

Speaking at the opening of Turkey's first LNG station Kocaeli Deputy Governor Dursun said Balaban said: "Kocaeli, an industrial city and 14 Organized Industrial Zone with 35 ports. Taking steps towards the use of LNG fuel in our city made us extremely happy. Increasing alternative energy sources is very important for our country. As LNG becomes available gradually, its consumption and users will increase. It is possible that LNG, which is seen as an alternative energy source at this stage, will be used as the main fuel in the future. We are proud that the industrial city of Kocaeli has experienced a first with its LNG station. Thank you to the Shell & Turcas family for this investment. “

Cem Murat Yıldırım, General Manager of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, in his speech at the opening ceremony; “Today is a big day for our country. Turkey met with a new type of fuel. Thank Shell & Turcas first LNG station opens in Turkey. Our request from Shell is to increase the number of LNG filling stations in a way to support the logistics industry. Thanks to this much shorter zamWe will see that the number of trucks using LNG fuel on the roads has increased. Same zamOur hope now is to use LNG in passenger transportation. As the public, we will continue to give our best support to increase alternative fuel investments. ''

Ahmet Erdem: We offer the use of LNG fuel logistics sector in Turkey

Shell Turkey Country President Ahmet Erdem, in his speech at the opening ceremony of the LNG station, said: "In our country and increasing demand for energy in the world. This demand needs to use more and cleaner alternative energy sources. Within this framework, LNG has become an alternative fuel for the logistics sector in many countries. As it is seen in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan published by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Regulation on Increasing Energy Efficiency in Transportation issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the use of more economic and environmental alternative fuels is encouraged in our country. We would like to thank all public and private sector organizations that have prepared our country for innovations in this sense. LNG, which has a lower import cost than diesel, will have a positive impact on the current account deficit when used in road transport. We expect up to 25 percent savings in fuel costs when using LNG. LNG is also a cleaner-burning energy sources, carbon emissions by up to 22 percent rate of more azdır.bug which is a lot of innovation in the industry for 97 years achieved another signature, such as LNG are happy to offer the use of Turkey's logistics industry. "

Felix Faber: We will expand Shell & Turcas LNG station network

acquainted with the economic and environmental fuel of the future of the logistics industry, a first in Turkey than performing Shell's first LNG station Noting that led Shell & Turcas CEO Felix Faber also said: "The logistics sector is the backbone of Turkey's exports, important in the world have a place. potential for LNG station priority and we consider Turkey as a country with high investment. the logistics sector in international markets, the fuel of the future in order to continue offering our customers the competitive position of LNG in Turkey. Therefore we have established Turkey's first LNG station and Shell & Turcas in Sapanca where the industry is concentrated. Depending on the demand in Turkey will be developed in this field, we aim to expand our LNG station network in the coming years. Shell's car manufacturers with as good a result of his partnership in the world or in some countries, IVECO and factory production of LNG trucks with Scania we brought to Turkey for the first time. The first floor of the fleet of LNG trucks in Turkey to Acapet Transport, HAVI Logistics and thank employees for their cooperation with us all our partners in this project. "

Ali Bilaloğlu: Turkey will use 10 percent of the LNG truck parking

Doğuş Otomotiv CEO Ali Bilaloğlu stated that they anticipate that the concept of carbon footprint is gaining importance day by day and that the demand for alternative fuel vehicles will increase rapidly: “Close zamWe expect the ratio of LNG vehicles to reach 10 percent in the truck park in our country. As SCANIA brand, we offer solutions that meet all the needs of our customers in both in-city and intercity transportation with our vehicles using CNG and LNG fuel. One of the important advantages of LNG is that it is environmentally friendly as well as fuel saving. The LNG-powered engine, which is quieter than the diesel-fueled engine, also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 10 percent. Particle emissions are virtually eliminated, while nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by a third. We think that such investments of energy companies such as Shell are very important in our goal of becoming the leader of the sustainable transportation world. With alternative fuel vehicles that have become competitive compared to other fuel types, we hope that our companies that make both a profitable and environmentally friendly choice will increase and this type of investments will pave the way. "

Hakkı Işaklık: LNG trucks have a much longer range

LNG'L with dual full tank of fuel trucks stating that it has a range of up to 1600 kilometers IVECO Turkey General Manager of Right to warm up continued as follows: "CNG and lng'l trucks PM emissions 99% and NO2 emissions and driveways, a decrease of 90% urban It helps to improve the air quality in the regions, the most important contribution to the environment. Our natural gas engines have been specially developed for long-distance international transport, the improved combustion process offers the best fuel efficiency for long-distance missions. These engines are based on a compact and lightweight 3-way catalyst that does not require exhaust emissions, regeneration or add blue. Our natural gas engines operate at a lower compression ratio compared to diesel and operate extremely quietly and offer the advantage of low vibration. ”

İbrahim Aytekin: We are adapting our fleets to new technologies in the sector

Since its first investment in Turkey Acapet fleet of LNG Transport Company Director Ibrahim Aytekin, in his speech at the opening, he said: "a topic we all know in our dependence on foreign oil and its derivatives as Turkey. LNG is an environmentally friendly fuel besides being cost effective compared to diesel fuel. We believe that LNG should be included in the system in other sectors as well as in all kinds of transportation. create our infrastructure towards the use of alternative fuels in Turkey into our system, we need to rapidly adapt this fuel. We became Shell's solution partner in this project in order to convey to future generations that we are a leading company in the field of supply. We worked together, matured the idea, and now we apply application to achieve numerical results. zamthe moment has come. We aim to share the remarkable results of LNG use in transportation with the components of the industry very soon. "

By the end of 2019, the number of LNG stations from 250 in Europe is expected to increase rapidly, and the number of trucks operating with LNG over 12.000 is expected to reach 2030 by 300.000. 10 percent of the trucks park in Turkey is expected to also start using LNG over 10 years.

The Energy Efficiency Action Plan, published by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, encourages the use of more economical and environmentally friendly alternative fuels in the logistics sector. LNG in Turkey, first opened as a fuel in vehicles in front of the highway in 2017 by EMRA, 2019 issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure at the entry to the definition of alternative fuels with the regulations.

What is liquefied natural gas (LNG)?

LNG is the colorless form of natural gas which is cooled to -162 ° C at atmospheric pressure and passed to liquid phase. Refrigerated natural gas is reduced by 600 times as a result of liquefaction, making it much easier and safer for transport and storage processes. LNG, which is ideal for stocking natural gas and transporting it to places where national pipelines do not reach, is converted into gas before entering the distribution in the pipeline or before the end-use process. LNG is used as a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative fuel in the transportation sector, especially in ships, trains and trucks, as well as in homes, offices and industrial areas to produce heat or electricity.

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