What is İGRUS Interactive Media?

When we ask ourselves what “IGRUS” means, we realize that we do not know this word. This word, which has no meaning in the dictionary of the Turkish Language Association, gains meaning with the website opened in 2003. Site hosting interactive media 17 [...]


15 Unknown Mistakes About Diet

Dietitian Salih Gürel gave information about the subject. While many people are trying to get rid of their excess weight, they cannot do this because of the mistakes they make during the diet. Some of these mistakes are; I can eat diet products as much as I want [...]

Redefine motorcycle lovers' view of electric motorcycles

Premium Electric Motorcycle Brand Silence in Turkey!

Doğan Trend Automotive, which successfully represents the world's leading motorcycle brands in our country and operates under the umbrella of Doğan Holding, is the only authorized representative in Turkey of the Silence brand, the world's important representative in the field of electric mobility. [...]


Covid-19 Vaccines in Ministry of Health Warehouses

Covid-19 vaccines brought to Ankara Esenboğa Airport in the morning were transferred to the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Public Health Vaccine and Medicine Warehouse. Covid-19 vaccines belonging to Sinovac company are a test in terms of safety and effectiveness in warehouses. [...]


Space Agency ITU-Turkey Business Association

SSB İsmail Demir was the guest of the 1982 Year-End Evaluation Meeting at Istanbul Technical University, where he graduated from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering in 2020. İsmail Demir, in his speech for the defense industry capability that Turkey needs [...]


CoronaVac Vaccine Is Produced In This Center

The center where the coronavirus vaccine CoronaVac, which Turkey plans to use in the fight against the pandemic, is produced in Beijing, was displayed. Turkey has ordered 50 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine CoronaVac developed by the Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac. Sinovac coronavirus vaccine, [...]


Wondering About Coronavirus During Pregnancy

Suppression of the immune system and physiological changes during pregnancy make expectant mothers more susceptible to infections. Suppression of the immune system and physiological changes during pregnancy make expectant mothers more susceptible to infections. [...]

OEE Systems
Guest Posts

Digital Factories and OEE Systems

OEE is one of the most important performance metrics in digital factories and facilities. By optimizing OEE, it can increase capacity on production lines for the digital factory. Costs can be reduced, quality and productivity increase. What is a Digital Factory? [...]


In Which Situation Is A Tube Baby Applied?

There are many solutions to almost all of the various fertility-related problems that you will experience with prospective mothers and fathers who want to have children. Today, under the name of IVF treatment, thanks to the opportunities offered by the medical field, [...]


Dental Health is Neglected in Quarantine

People who are confined to their homes due to the coronavirus do not care enough about their dental health. The perception that brushing teeth is a personal cleaning done when going out and participating in a social action peaked in quarantine. Also alias since it's not communicating [...]