Domestic Cars TOGG Introduced

Domestic Cars TOGG Introduced
Domestic Cars TOGG Introduced

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) was carried out on IT Valley 'in the Innovation Journey' meeting, from which the organization gets from the last 18 months and technological transformation in Turkey today shared how to lead. Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) retail, automotive, telecommunications and consumer of experience in different areas such as electronic Anadolu Group, BMC, Root Group, Turkcell synergies of the Zorlu Group and previously established with a unique cooperation model in Turkey TOGG introduced the first preview vehicles to the national and international stage, which foreshadows the transformation of automotive into a mobility ecosystem.

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) will begin production in 2022, the development process has introduced a preview version of the C-SUV models continued. The C-SUV model was shown along with the C-SUV at the Journey to Innovation Meeting held in the Bilisim Valley in Gebze.

TOGG, which was launched on 28 June 2018, will bring the first pre-screening vehicle and the Sedan concept to the light of the design and engineering works 18 months after its foundation, and will lay the foundation of its factory in the Marmara Region, the heart of the Turkish Automotive Industry, in 2020. By 2030, it will produce 5 different models on a common e-platform, the intellectual and industrial property rights of which it belongs.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop, Vice President Fuat Oktay, Presidential Cabinet Members, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union and TOGG Chairman Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group shareholders, business representatives with TOGG employees and attended by close to the 2 thousand people coming on stage at the end of a meeting held with invited Turkey's first automobile, different societies have been met with great enthusiasm and admiration.

Regarded as one of the projects of strategic importance in 2023 by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey's Cars, it will be one of the pioneers in the targeted technological transformation.

At the beginning of the project in two separate original patent registration underlines the claim of passing TOGG many 'first' and 'with most of the mobility ecosystem around smart devices to stimulate development in Turkey. As of the year 2 when it will start production, it will take its place in the industry as Europe's first non-classical inborn electric SUV manufacturer.

We're one step closer to a half-century dream

TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and TOGG Chairman of the Board, said that one step closer to the dream of Turkey's half-century in his speech at the ceremony. Hisarcıklıoğlu continued: da At the TOBB General Assembly in 2017, our President made a call to us and asked us to undertake this business. We set out and brought together our father. Praise be to our Lord, we are behind our promise. Automotive industry is changing the shell. And a new window of opportunity opens for us. We missed this opportunity in the 1960s. Revolution did not come out with the car and the car in Turkey we can not. We have tried a lot, talked a lot but failed. But this time we will succeed by Allah's leave. ”

We do more than one car

"Do you know why we call Turkey's car?" Said Hisarcıklıoğlu said, "because not sadeceüretil, the brand will be ours, it will be our patent, design will be ours. We won't buy a license, we sell a license. We will not assemble, we will assemble. We will not work for someone else's patent, we will employ foreign engineers for our own patents. With the permission of Allah, the belief of our nation, and then with the support of our President, we will achieve this. Hopefully, we will take our first vehicle off the band in 2022. That is why Turkey's automobile, the car just does not do domestic brands. Car of Turkey is more than just a car. Turkey's Cars is a challenge. The car is a technological transformation of Turkey, is a global brand, has added 20 thousand jobs, $ 7,5 billion is less than the current account deficit.

It is a contribution of 50 billion dollars to the gross national product. ”

The conversion has just begun

Innovation Journey CEO TOGG meet in describing the transformation of the automotive mobility ecosystems Gürcan M. King, with an emphasis on the rules of the game changed in the world 'Turkey's Car' to the project zamHe said that the start was given at the right time and in the right place. Stating that the mega trends, which are heavily felt in the field of technology, social areas and the decisions of regulatory institutions, transform the automobile into a new living space after home and work, Karakaş said, “With this transformation, profit pools in automotive are changing hands. "Growth in the sector will come from more profitable new businesses such as demand-based mobility, data-based business models, autonomous and sharing solutions." Karakaş said, “Everyone is at the beginning of the road in the electric and connected car race in the world. Agile, creative, collaborative and user-oriented organizations will be successful in this race. We are also correct zamWe are in the right place at the moment, ”he continued.

Karakas stating that they will produce the first vehicle is an SUV, and it's why he said: "the world and the fastest growing in Turkey and will last 5 years 5 years will grow the fastest SUV segment. In addition, we know that this segment, where Turkish consumers want to have the most, but the domestic alternative is almost non-existent, is the best start to create a popular brand.

The intellectual and industrial property rights 100 percent of Turkey

Turkey, indicating the car's idea and that it belonged to 100 percent of Turkey IPR M. Gürcan King, "the professional integrity, our Turkey's strengths are global brands to reveal and we are working with the best in the world. As we set out, we planned our 15-year roadmap step by step. We have assembled a team of engineers with average work experience over 10 years, dedicated, dedicated, globally experienced engineers. Our team, growing day by day, reached 114 people. We have created an organization that is agile, capable of making quick decisions, and by adopting a user-oriented approach, we listen to market and user expectations in every activity. We care about all the experiences and competencies of our country. We have found the best business partners, if any, in our country, if not yet in the world, and cooperated with them under the management of our own engineers, and we continue to do so. Most importantly, we proceed without compromising the “indispensable success criteria” that we have determined by examining and comparing the world's important players. Same when building a new car brand zamNow we create a global brand and compete with the world. With its broad product line, conceptual charm, technological capabilities, industrial strength and our culture inspired details we have put the car in Turkey, "he said.

Emphasizing the need for application platforms in countries to realize the technological transformation, Karakaş said, iz We will become a platform for the application and delivery of new technology and new business ideas that will emerge during the transformation of the car into a smart device. Surfer at the peak of technology, and engineering challenge Turkey's manufacturing strength and emerging with competence 'Turkey's Car' mobility will occur around our ecosystem will trigger many new business models and initiatives. We believe that this will also make a difference in the world..

Mobile phone conversion is also taking place in the car

Turkey's car's, said he would also allow the creation of a mobility ecosystem along Gürcan M. King, "Customer expectations are changing, what happened in the transformation of mobile phones into smart phones is duplicated in the automobile world. The car turns into a smart device, a new living space. Our car, which we have developed with this trend in mind, will be the field of application of new initiatives in many sectors as a technology platform and will pave the way for them to open up to the world. ”

Karakaş said, “The classical automotive industry is replaced by a safer, more efficient, zamit leaves it to the mobility ecosystem that saves time and provides transportation integrity. While the large automotive companies of the classical world are struggling to transform, the share of new enterprises, including the more agile, creative, collaborative, user-oriented TOGG, from the profit pool of the automotive industry is increasing day by day. TOGG also turning into the future of the supply industry in Turkey by leading mobility contributes to survive in the world, "he said.

In his speech, TOGG CEO Karakaş also expressed the goals of creating a global brand, just as in the product brand studies began with market research, identifying the target audience and customers are doing advanced research to understand the expectations of the subconscious told. Ik We have defined our brand core in this direction, Karak said Karakaş, ız We are currently in the process of determining and testing the brand name and will complete it until the middle of next year. When determining the brand name that should be original, strong, confident, transforming, transforming, sincere and innovative, it is important that it be attractive, suitable for cultural and global language and can be registered ”.

Deneyimli Besides the TOGG design team, there was also experienced designer Murat Günak ”

tOGGer the 'Innovation Journey' at the end of the meeting presentations, the first daylight to the Turkey describes as the car's design process Gürcan Karakas, design objectives and the vehicle's technical definition based on test data from market research 6 persons stating that they perform with TOGG team "Both initially native and Pininfarina, which has made this theme 18-dimensional, has been supported by our world-renowned designer Murat Günak. We have registered our original design which we developed and inspired by our culture in international dimension in September ”.

At the end of M. Gürcan Karakaş's words, # Yeniliğeyolculuk has the same zamCurrently #yenilig journey and that tOGGer global mobility will proudly represent Turkey in the new league will be the first company in the world emphasized. He concluded his words, "Thank you for accompanying our journey to innovation, welcome to the new league."

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