Domestic Automobile Factory Where to Install?

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) presentation will be held today. Citizens enthusiastically began to wait for the presentation. The presentation will take place in the IT Valley in Gebze.

The introduction of the local car will take place on Friday (December 27th) with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The presentation will take place in the IT Valley in Gebze. Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) tool will be introduced today 14.00't.

According to the decision published by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the domestic electric car production facility will be established in Bursa and project-based government assistance will be provided. Turkey's Automobile Industry and Trade Enterprise Group Inc. The total fixed investment amount of the facility, which will be built as a complete new investment by the company, will be 22 billion. The duration of the investment will be 30 years, starting on October 2019, 13, the start date. 300 thousand 4 people, 323 of which are qualified, will be employed in the domestic automobile production facility.

Where Domestic Cars Will Be Produced

Technology Bursa Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB), Turkey's 'Mega Industrial Zones' project will be the forerunner of. TEKNOSAB, as a symbol of the new industrial revolution in Bursa with a $ 25 billion investment forecast and $ 40 billion export target is realized. President Erdoğan also closely followed and praised the project, infrastructure work continues in 8 different stages. TEKNOSAB is realized on a total area of ​​8,5 million square meters. Among the projects to be marked in Bursa, Turkey in 2023 will be produced if the domestic automotive industry. The most suitable area for the consortium to produce domestic automotive is seen as Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB).

On the other hand, an investment of 22 billion pounds with an annual capacity of 175 units will work around 5 thousand people, as well as many international automotive manufacturers to produce high-tech cars are expected to knock on the door of TEKNOSAB.

Features of the domestic car

In the car, the battery of which is placed at the base for weight distribution, road handling is enhanced. Turkey's car with front and rear electric motors will have a 4 × 4 system. With its traction system and high ground structure, the electric SUV will be able to proceed easily in off-road conditions. Looking at the side view of the car, its modern and stylish lines also attract attention. Considering its dimensions and the class it struggles, the car will offer a comfortable journey for 5 people and its luggage volume is 500 liters. The range of the domestic car will be around 500 km with a full battery.

Interior Design of Domestic Cars
Interior Design of Domestic Cars

Location of the car on the Osmangazi Bridge images shared on the steering wheel of the car's TG letters, TOGG'nun shortening evokes. Among the car's interior design details, the large screen that wraps the cockpit across is pleasant and functional. The display is very modern in design, displaying information that drivers and passengers may need.

Domestic Cars Live Stream

27.12.2019 / IT Valley's Official Opening Ceremony & Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group
Journey to Innovation Meeting Frequency Information:

D / L: 11155 MHz
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FEC: 5 / 6
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First Images of Domestic Cars

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