Domestic Automobile Will Add Power to Bursa Industry

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas, local and national car will be produced in the Gemlik'te press members made statements. Bursa, along with the decision of the President Aktas stating there would be local and national electrical production base in the automobile, "The current wave of all of Turkey, I think it will spread around the world. Bursa is a city with a strong industry, but from now on we need to incorporate high technology. Hereby we can become a city of the world. ”

President Alinur Aktaş participated in the domestic and national electric car launch meeting held in Gebze. After the meeting, President Aktaş met with members of the Bursalı press at Gemlik Atatepe Social Facilities, and thanked the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Technology and Industry Minister Mustafa Varank and those who contributed to the determination of Bursa as the location for historical production. President Aktaş stated that President Erdoğan announced today that the center of domestic and national electric car production would be Bursa and that he was touched by the decision taken in Gebze. “ Bursa is an industrial city, but we need to host high technology. Hereby we can improve our tourism. In this sense, there are different investments and studies. Hamdolsun, we have received the fruit of one of them today, ”he said.

Serious gains for Bursa

Local and national, Aktas President of Turkey, indicating that the recovery will come not from Bursa electric car, "We thank our Dear president," he said. Many years ago 'Revolution' car worked under the name of that day is blocked for different reasons, still doing its own aircraft in the past period Turkey but President reminded that he project also implemented a variety of reasons Aktas, "Today, there is a Turkey-producing technology. The factory of domestic and national automobile is proof of this. It is an advantage for us that the Gökmen Space Aviation Center and the high-tech region Teknosab, which we have built together with Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will start soon. Such investments will have serious gains on behalf of Bursa ”.

President Aktas, members of the press 'domestic and national automobile investment in the contribution of employment' also answered the question. 5 thousand of the factory to be established directly, 15 thousand indirectly will provide bread to 20 thousand people, Aktaş said, “Already relevant orders, organizations will begin. Today there were professors of automotive engineers at the launch meeting. We listened to such positive things that our teachers said, 'It is far above our expectations.' Very serious brain power, team. I really think, 'We have paid for our labor' bulundu.

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