Yandex Senior Appointment in Turkey

yandex turkey senior assignment
yandex turkey senior assignment

Popular search engine and navigation applications, especially one of Turkey's most beloved technology company with many services to make life easier Yandex't organizational changes were made. Finally honor Karahayıt who serves as Country Manager, has been appointed as General Manager of Yandex Turkey. Karahayıt new era will be responsible for all the company's activities in Turkey.

Yandex, one of Europe's largest technology company, to strengthen the company's management performance while continuing to invest in Turkey made a new assignment. Previously serving as Country Manager in the company of Honor Karahayıt was Yandex Turkey General Manager of the new era. Honor Karahayıt, Yandex Turkey; product development, marketing and sales activities as well as administrative operations.


Onur Karahayıt, who is a graduate of Middle East Technical University (METU) Civil Engineering and has a Post Graduate Diploma from The Ohio State University in the USA, has been actively working as a researcher on the NASA project for mapping the Mars surface with robots for about 2009 years. Afterwards, he worked as Product Manager and Project Manager in the USA headquarters of leading technology manufacturers in the navigation and cartography industry such as Karahayıt, Trimble and Intergraph. Onur Karahayıt, who was appointed to the European Headquarters from Trimble Company in the USA, held the position of the company's Sales Manager responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. Honor Karahayıt, Yandex since 2 Turkey has been working on-site.

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