Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey from Vocational and Technical Education Support

toyota vocational and technical training to support the automotive industry turkiyede
toyota vocational and technical training to support the automotive industry turkiyede

As in past years, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, for educational purposes within the scope of vocational and technical education support activities automobile, engine and transmission continues to grant. So far, different institutions and schools 187 car Turkey, 843 643 engine with gearbox grant that Toyota Motor Manufacturing, 3 75 vehicles over the next year, 102 44 engine gearbox with plans to more grants.

It is planned to donate 2020 vehicles to 18 Vocational High School and 6 University during the year of 24 by Toyota Automotive Industry, which provides tools and equipment support to vocational high schools and universities in order to follow the developing technology in technical education.

Equivalent of students with current technology zamThe vehicles and equipments aiming to increase their professional knowledge and skills by taking immediate training are first of all, Sakarya, Antalya, Tokat, Mersin, Bilecik, Bartın, Konya, Tekirdağ, Istanbul, Bursa, Ordu, Kırşehir, Kütahya, Adana, Kilis, Ankara, Yalova, Erzurum It will be delivered to schools and institutions in their provinces.

In recent days Sisli Vocational and Technical Anatolian made to the High School who attended the ceremony organized by schools covered car grant and voicing continue their activities in order to improve the quality of vocational and technical education Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Senior Vice President Necdet Senturk, "as Toyota Motor Manufacturing sector more We also attach importance to supporting the education of technical and vocational schools that enable the students who will carry them forward. We aim to ensure that our students follow the changing world and developing technology while receiving practical training by continuing our donations of tools and equipment that we have turned into a national activity. ” In addition to vehicle and equipment support, he added that they contribute to the vocational technical education of the students by means of long and short term internship programs and technical trips carried out within the factory.

So far 187 tools, 843 engine with 643 gearbox Turkey's many different institutions and schools of education in order to grant that Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, 3 vehicles over the next 75 years 102 transmission with 44 engine plans to more grants.

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