6 Thousands Work in Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train Construction

Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project, which is expected to be completed for a long time, has come to an end. Abdullah Peker, the Chairman of the Transport and Railway Employees Union, thanked to contractor companies working with great efforts, the Governor of Sivas Salih Ayhan, Sivas Mayor Av.Hilmi Bilgin and TCDD executives on behalf of Sivas residents who received on-site information about each phase of the project closely. .

which is one of Turkey's largest ongoing project closer to the end of Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project. Infrastructure work has been completed and rail laying works are carried out rapidly and uninterruptedly with approximately 406 thousand employees at 150 point along the 6 kilometer line. A large part of the rail project was completed in Sivas city center.


“Cities reached by High Speed ​​Train will develop in tourism and economic terms. Bakanlığı Under the auspices of the Presidency and in line with the instructions, the Ministry of Transport has focused vigorously and with all its units for the implementation of the high-speed train line.

The road between Sivas and Ankara is 446 Kilometer and the length of the YHT line is 406 Kilometer. Transportation between Sivas and Ankara by high-speed train 2,5 hours, Istanbul-Sivas will be between 5 hours. The journey time will be shortened and a comfortable and qualified journey will be provided. When the project is over, Sivas will begin to undergo major economic changes and reverse migration.

Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train service will start within the first six months of 2020.

Map of Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train

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