Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line What ZamWill the moment end?

Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line What ZamEnding the moment ?; Sivas, Ankara-speed train line, the railway is being built in Turkey between Ankara and Sivas city. Approximately 406 thousand people are working at 150 points along the line to ensure that the 6-kilometer-long line, which will be double-line, electrical and signaled, will be implemented as soon as possible. The line will then be extended to Kars and will be connected to the Baku Tbilisi Kars Railway.

The total length of Sivas, Ankara High Speed ​​Rail line, which is one of Turkey's largest ongoing project 406 km. On the Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train line, the line ferşi on Line-1 between Kırıkkale and Yerköy, and the line ferşi on Line-2 between Yerköy and Sivas is in the process of completion. In addition, electrification and signaling manufacturing continues at full speed despite all bad weather conditions within the framework of the target program.

Ankara Yozgat Sivas high speed train project will reduce the transportation on the specified routes from 12 hours to 2 hours to 51 minutes. Infrastructure work is completed in the project rail track works, along the 406 kilometer line, 150 point with approximately 6 thousand employees are continuing uninterrupted. A large part of the rail project was completed in Sivas city center.

2 hours between Ankara Sivas and 51 minutes

Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line is planned to be completed in the middle of 2020 and test drives are planned to start in February and March.

Map of Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train


  1. All officials of the state say 2 clock anywhere.You also why 2 clock 51 minutes? If you have any other information we do not know, I would appreciate it.

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