Sensormatic Attracts Attention with Outdoor Security Applications

Environmental security is as important as the security needs of public housing, factories and industrial facilities, construction sites and campuses. Perimeter security systems such as environmental protection border fence, underground optical sensors or wall-mounted sensors, motion sensors, radar, microwave barriers, which may vary according to the field of use, detect the physical limits of such special areas and send the relevant warning to the control center. .

Today, the need for environmental protection of the mass living areas such as industrial plants, small and medium-sized factories, corporate buildings' headquarters, housing and housing units is increasing. When it comes to theft or violation of the private sphere, environmental safety systems are the first to come.

Perimeter security systems consisting of environmental protection border fence, underground optical sensors or wall-mounted sensors, motion sensors, radar and microwave barriers enable the design of a more proactive solution by integrating with other systems. By integrating with the cameras in the related area, the images of the violated area are automatically projected to the control center monitors, so that the relevant officer or operator can see the images instantly.

With Sensormatic, your environment is safe!

Sensormatic, which develops solutions for different sectors and needs in the field of security technologies, attracts attention with its innovative and environment-friendly applications in the environmental safety category. Sensormatic's perimeter security systems are grouped under four headings: tension wire warning, buried, fence and radar systems.

Tensioner warning system

This system monitors intruders and exits to a private area and provides full protection by working integrated with IP video surveillance systems and access control systems. With the software it has, the system can be connected with other security systems over the network network. zamIt allows instant data communication.

Embedded systems

Buried Perimeter Security Systems; With fiber optic cables, it detects vibrations around the boundary. In this way, the map software on the center can point exactly to the area where the alarm comes from. The sensitivity of a subterranean fiber cable can distinguish the pressure and vibrations applied to the ground by a person, vehicle or animal. Therefore, the false alarm is prevented.

Radars are at the service of security…

Radars, which have been encountered in the defense industry, traffic, meteorology and aviation sectors until today, have become one of the standard environmental safety components thanks to their prices becoming accessible to the end user. Nowadays, the potential hazards in private properties, airports, data centers and border areas can be recognized when the radar is further away. Radars, which determine the speed, direction and location of objects by scanning the region with radio waves, play an active role in security purposes.

Fence systems

Unlike alternative security systems, this system, which can also work with solar energy, eliminates the cost of energy cables in the field, especially in large areas and long-length applications. These systems, which also save energy, provide convenience and ease in both installation and commissioning processes. zamsaves moment.

Over-the-fence perimeter security solutions are differentiated by their ability to work in harsh environments. -35 to + 70 degrees can work in any environment, both for different geographies, as well as areas with high temperature differences between day and night offers the ideal solution. The use of solar energy provides sustainable protection without the need for additional energy, even in the Nordic countries near the poles. If the cable is cut or broken at any point, it continues to provide security through additional cable for repair or replacement.

The products, which also allow integration with video monitoring systems, show the operator the location of the alarm on the map of the campus. It triggers the camera closest to the area where the alarm comes from, bringing the image to the operator's monitor. In this way, operator-induced errors are prevented and events are quickly intervened.

Sensormatic Security Services

Sensormatic, which has been serving as the industry leader for years, is a technological solution integrator that stands out with its brand-independent solutions tailored to the sector and needs. 25 close specialists working with and Retail with 300 office in Turkey, Aviation, Government and Justice, Banking and Finance, Commercial & Industrial, Energy, Health, Education, Logistics, sport, tourism and hospitality area security and operational efficiency direct acting technological solutions. Sensormatic's solutions are; video monitoring and access control solutions, biometric systems, perimeter security systems, fire detection and alarm solutions, electronic product tracking solutions, RFID and in-store analysis solutions, people counting systems, wired and wireless network solutions.

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