Coast Guard Command will make continuous recruitment of workers

Coast Guard Black Sea Repair Support Command İŞKUR at least elementary school graduates announced that the recruitment of unconditional staff KPSS. 16 announced that the permanent recruitment of Coast Guard Command Black Sea Repair Support Command announced the application requirements of candidates who will apply.

Coast Guard Command Attention

1. Applications will be submitted from Samsun Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Institution / District Service Centers between 23-27 December 2019 or : can be made at.

2. Turkish Foreign noble No. 2527 of them can freely Professions and Arts in Turkey, public or private organizations to be a Turkish citizen, without prejudice to the provisions of the Law on Being Employed in workplaces.
3. Not to have completed the age of 18 on the date of announcement, not to be under 36 years of age (01.01.1984 and beyond)

4. The graduates of the departments specified in the labor force requests or those who have mastership certificate as of the application deadline can apply to only one labor force (branch). Those who are already in formal education cannot apply.

5. Those who have done their military service, exempted or postponed may apply.

6. Procurement will be covered at the provincial level and the people residing in Samsun may apply. The address of the first place of residence registered in the Address Based Population Registration System of the candidates shall be taken into consideration. Applicants who reside in Samsun within the application period will not be accepted.

7. Crimes against the security of the State, crimes against the constitutional order and its functioning, crimes against national defense, crimes against State secrets and espionage, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, fraud, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, tender misbehavior, misbehavior in the performance of the act, money laundering of assets resulting from crime or smuggling
not to be condemned.

8. Membership, affiliation or affiliation with, or liaison with, structures, entities or groups or terrorist organizations that are determined by the National Security Council to act against the national security of the State.

9. Not to cooperate with terrorist organizations, not to help these organizations, to use the public facilities and resources to support these organizations or not to use, to propagate these organizations.

10. Not to be deprived of the exercise of public rights. 11. Not being expelled from public office or profession in accordance with the relevant disciplinary legislation of public institutions and organizations. 12. To have the document indicating the priority conditions mentioned in the first paragraph of Article 5 of the By-Law on Procedures and Principles to be applied in the recruitment of workers to public institutions and organizations from the candidates who have the right to prioritize in the employment. (Priority rights of those who have been invited by the Coast Guard Black Sea Repair Support Command to the announcement they have applied for, but who have not complied with the force except for force majeure, who have not taken the exam, have rejected the job or have settled in the status of permanent workers in the public shall not be used for the second time.)

13. Oral / practical exam will be held for open job positions. Candidates who will be eligible to take the oral / practical exam will be determined by drawing lots in the presence of the Notary. In the presence of the Notary, he will be taken to take the exam by drawing lots; a. From the lists of all applicants who meet the requirements, 4 times the number of open labor force, b. In the lists of all applicants who have the right of priority in accordance with the requirements of the request, four times the number of vacant workforce and the same number of substitute candidates will be determined. The lottery will be held on January 4, 23 between 2020: 13-00: 16 at Mustafa Dağıstanlı Sports Hall (Hançerli Mh. Atatürk Blv. No: 00 İlkadım / SAMSUN). The list of those who are entitled to take the oral / practical exam as a result of the draw will be found on the Coast Guard Command Internet pattern page ( iswill be published as a notification.

14. The Coast Guard Black Sea Repair Support Command will check whether the qualified and substitute candidates determined by lottery before the notary have the required qualifications, and the applications of the candidates who do not meet the requirements will not be accepted. The documents to be requested from the candidates who are eligible to take the exam and the date of the document control are available on the Coast Guard Command iswill be published as a notification. The originals of the documents requested for document control shall be brought along with photocopies.

15. As a result of the document check, instead of the candidate who is selected as the principal in the draw, whose application is not accepted due to the wrong document or missing document, the oral / practical exam will be accepted starting from the substitute candidate whose full first document is selected as substitute in the lot.

16. Oral / practical exam date, time and place later on the Coast Guard Command web pattern page ( is) will be announced in the nature of the notification, the candidates will not be addressed to the address separately.

17. The oral / practical examination will be held at the Coast Guard Black Sea Repair Support Command in order to measure the professional knowledge and skills of the applicants and the competencies they will be obliged to carry out. 18. In order to be considered successful in the oral / practical exam, it is necessary to obtain at least 60 (sixty) points. All applicants will be evaluated over 100 (one hundred) full points. mail will not be notified.

19. In order to be able to start the exam, the security investigation and archive research should be positive.

20. Candidates who pass the exam are required to certify that their health status is not disadvantageous in their work in their business and profession, with the report of the health committee they will receive from full-fledged health institutions authorized by the Social Security Institution (SGK). The first job entry health reports will be given by the Workplace Physician, stating that they are suitable for their job by evaluating the Health Board Reports together.

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