Petrol Ofisi Every ZamNext to the Heavy Vehicle Drivers

petrol office each zamnext to heavy vehicle drivers
petrol office each zamnext to heavy vehicle drivers

Petrol Ofisi supported the Annual General Craftsmen Meeting of SS All Motor Carriers Cooperatives Central Union in Antalya. The industry leader, 4, was with the truckers' friends, the heroes of the roads in the day-long event. Petrol Ofisi introduced its Active-3 technology fuels, Maximus engine oils and AutoMatic Fleet Management solutions to truckers.

The leader of Turkey with traditional mineral oils, fuels and chemicals market, Petrol Ofisi, the hero of roads with high-tech products and advanced services continues to be alongside fellow truckers. Petrol Ofisi, who knows the problems of truckers working under difficult conditions, understands and offers products and services appropriate to their needs, did not leave its long-standing friends at the Annual General Craftsmen Meeting of the Central Union of All Motor Carriers Cooperative.

'Cooperative Law Studies', 'All Motor Carriers Insurance Cooperative Establishment Studies and Upcoming Process', 'Transportation' at the Annual General Artisans Meeting held at Rox Royal Grand Haber Hotel in Antalya Kemer between 21 and 24 November. Subject titles such as 'Electronic Tracking and Control System' and 'Digital Tachograph Evaluation' were discussed.

With its unique infrastructure, deep-rooted history, unique knowledge and innovative products and services, Petrol Ofisi offers tailor-made solutions for truckers that form the backbone of road logistics as it is in every field. At the booth opened by the truckers supported by Petrol Ofisi at the Annual General Merchandising Meeting, Active-3 technology fuels and Maximus engine oils and AutoMatic Fleet Management solutions were presented.

Fuels with Active-3 technology were developed in cooperation with POTEM and AFTON, approved by ITU

Active-3 technology, only Turkey is not the most important fuels and lubricants technology center in Petrol Ofisi in a wide geographical area Technology Center - POTEM and strong supplier to the global energy market was developed with AFTON cooperation. Active-3 technology of Petrol Ofisi's gasoline and diesel fuels has been tested in independent international laboratories. Turkey's deep-rooted universities of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) also taking part in the entire testing process, the results were confirmed.

Active-3 technology; Cleans, Protects, Saves

Oil office for the first time, and only in Turkey and V / Max Eurodiesel V / Pro Eurodiesel and V / Max unleaded fuel used throughout 95 3 Active-technology, maximum yield was evaluated. Fuels with Active 3 technology, thanks to the smart molecules in the formula; cleans the engine up to 100 percent, protects the engine from the first tank and saves fuel up to 4 percent.

Petrol Ofisi Lubricants promote fuel economy and performance

In addition to its high production quality and capacity, Petrol Ofisi also leads the lubricants and chemicals market with its innovative products developed with Petrol Ofisi Technology Center - POTEM, one of the leading centers of international importance in its field. Petrol Ofisi Lubricants, particularly with advanced technology in the automotive industry, including Maxima and Maximus xnumx'y over rich product from the automotive industry with a variety meets the needs of the maritime sector in agriculture in Turkey.

With its advanced technology and superior features, Petrol Ofisi protects engines, extends life and prevents efficient performance by providing efficient operation.

Maximus provides a reduction in 50 percent reduction,

Maximus, defined by Petrol Ofisi as the Maxim Maximus Man,, has a long history of friendship with heavy-duty vehicle drivers who demand power, confidence and performance and work in very difficult business lines. Petrol Ofisi, who knows them very well and follows them closely, understands and understands the difficulties they face and supports them by offering them the most ideal solutions. From this perspective, the Maximus product family has been developed to add strength to the power of heavy-duty vehicle drivers, to facilitate their work and to increase their profits. With its new formula, Maximus offers the ideal protection for the engine by reducing the 50 percent by industry standards.

The combination of fuels with Active-3 technology and Maximus engine oils provides unmatched engine protection, performance and fuel economy

The combination of Petrol-Ofisi's Active-3 technology and Maximus engine oils in combination with regular use offers unique privileges. This unique combination improves the efficiency of engine protection, performance and fuel economy in the vehicle much more effectively.

Petrol Ofisi simplifies fleet management with AutoMatic

Petrol Ofisi AutoMatic Fleet Management System has been used in fleet vehicles since 2003. zamIt offers the opportunity to exchange fuel safely without losing a moment. AutoMatic Plus service was created by integrating the AutoMatic refueling system with the vehicle tracking system, with the developments made within the framework of the latest technologies.

Petrol Ofisi AutoMatic Fleet Management system offers many advantages. Turkey's first and only mobile programming thanks to the automatic installation service all over the country just a few hours after completion of the equipment installation, fuel can begin to purchase within 1 hour. AutoMatic Fleet Management, real zamIt also provides flexible fleet management with the opportunity to monitor fuel consumption of vehicles instantly with instant data transfer. Turkey has an extensive service network throughout the Petrol Ofisi stations offered the opportunity to purchase the fuel consumption of the company Fleet Management automatic vehicle tracking system can be instant, if necessary, can be a limit for expenditure. In the system, in which missing and wrong fuel purchases are prevented and only the specified fuel is purchased, a single invoice to be issued for all fuel purchases also facilitates accounting transactions.

With the Mobile Application, fleet management is transferred to mobile phones. Thus, all fuel consumption information of the fleet can be easily tracked instantly on the mobile phone. In Petrol Ofisi AutoMatic Fleet Management, all control operations related to fleet vehicles, from web address, real zamIt can be realized instantly.

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