OPET is at Retail Days with Ultramarkets

opet ultramarkets with retail guns
opet ultramarkets with retail guns

19, organized under the main sponsorship of OPET. Retail Days, 4-5 once again brings together the important names of the sector in December. With its customer-oriented approach, OPET, which is the most preferred brand for 15 since the year, participates in Retail Days with its retail move Ultramarket which changes the standards in the sector.

19-4, which is the main sponsorship of OPET, the 5 of Retail Days, has been held in Istanbul Haliç Congress Center in December since the first day it was organized. OPET, the customer satisfaction leader in the fuel distribution sector, participates with the Ultramarket concept, a retail move that changes standards in the sector.

With its new products and services, focus on customer satisfaction and social responsibility projects, OPET continues to be the most preferred brand of 15 customers since the year. OPET continues its 'Fullmarket' in more than 1600 stations and offers more than 10 products turns the chain into “Ultramarket.. OPET Deputy General Manager in charge of Marketing Murat Zengin, OPET's Ultramarket concept and renowned trend expert TrendWatching General Manager Henry Mason will discuss the current retail trends in Bloomberg HT moderated by Aslı Şafak in 'Retail Retail Ultra Change' session.


Fuel stations in every hour of the day can be met in all kinds of living spaces can be met in the Ultramarket'lerda food, personal care, technology, toys, home appliances, car accessories are available in many different categories. Murat Zengin said, “We want to create a winning ecosystem with the Ultramarket concept. Ultramarket; a story of transformation of the win-win relationship of both dealers, brands and customers. Our customers can reach our Ultramarkets which are located in very valuable locations on 7 day and 24 hour. With this feature, fuel stations meet a serious need. All our product categories are designed to meet the 360 rating requirements of the consumer. OPET Ultramarket is the only example of the cooperation model with the market concept in the market in our country. Kendi


Retail Days this year, from Holland to Singapore, 60 will host Henry Mason as a trend advisor to more than 750 customers in the country and support their projects with innovation examples. General Manager of TrendWatching Henry Mason will be presenting the new trends that will carry the retail sector to the future in the 'Ultra Change in Retail' session at the organization that OPET is invited to attend. , We are witnessing an exciting change in the retail sector, Mason Mason said. This is natural, given that the new consumer profile, technology and digitalization allow retailers to develop their business. the situation is very different in Turkey's retail scene. I am pleased to share the stage with OPET to discuss global and local trends in this area during Retail Days. When I experience OPET's Ultramarket initiative, I see that new trends that will carry them into the future are part of their work and I can say that Ultramarket is a good example of this new way of thinking in retail. ”

Mason, who is also the author of the work "Trend-Driven Innovation", has made over 5 presentations in more than 30 countries in the last 100 years. In addition to being an experienced and sought-after keynote speaker, Mason is considered a trending expert in numerous publications such as The Guardian, Financial Times, El Pais, New York Times and The Economist.

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