Offroad Championship Ends

Offroad Championship Ends
Offroad Championship Ends

Liberation from Kahramanmaras enemy occupation of the 100th anniversary of the scope of activities, Turkey Automobile Sports Federation and Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality (TOSFED) and Heroes Offroad Sports Club Association (KAROF) and Turkey Offorad cooperation with Championship 6 Foot Race was held both Mediterranean Offroad Championship.

Kahramanmaraş's liberation from enemy occupation of the 100 celebration activities held within the scope of the offroad championship awards were given to the winners. Necip Fazıl Kısakürek and Turkey Offorad Championship at the awards ceremony held at the Cultural Center 6. The athletes who took part in the Foot Race and Mediterranean Offroad Championships received their awards.

You are all a pearl

Located a short evaluation at the award ceremony of Kahramanmaras Mayor Hayrettin Güngör, athletes likening a pearl: "I was delighted to making our province Offroad Championship Turkey. In addition, the salvation of our province 100. It is a separate happiness to coincide with the year. I want to make a nice statement here. If you're the first, you've left everyone behind. But if you're a pearl, you shine light on everyone. As a result of the competitions and scoring held here, the first, second and third places were determined, but I think that all the athletes participating in this competition were a pearl and contributed. I would like to congratulate all the athletes who came to our city on this occasion ”.

Trophy and Medal Awarded

Turkey Kenan Ozsoy-winning duo Aaron Wand in Offroad Championship in the first, second innkeeper double-Batuhan Korkut İlayda, while the third Ergun ugly-President Bekir Sami has achieved. In the Mediterranean Offroad Championship, Erkan Karakaş was the first, Serkan Sivri was the second and Mehmet Fatih Ocak was the third. The awards of the athletes entering the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Chairman Celalettin Guvenc, AK Party deputy Imran Kilic, Mayor Hayrettin Gungor, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Ali Ihsan Kabakci, was given by Alpedo Ice Cream Chairman Sami Kervancioglu.

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