Mitsubishi Authorized Service Gives Certificates to Well-maintained Vehicles

Mitsubishi Authorized Service
Mitsubishi Authorized Service

Temsa Motor Vehicles, starting from December 19 with the new application, the website will receive applications and authorized repaired Mitsubishi branded vehicles will certify.

Temsa Motor Vehicles certifies Mitsubishi vehicles through authorized services. L200 in Turkey, Space Star, Eclipse Cross, engaged in the distribution of the ASX and Outlander models Temsa Motor Vehicles, December 19, 2019 Date in with a new application launched, manicured authorized service will apply through the website will give certificates to Mitsubishi car owners.

According to the statement made by Temsa Motor Vehicles After Sales Services Manager Ozan Özdemir, “With the certificate, a very important value is created especially in the sale of second hand vehicles. It proves that the maintenance of the vehicle is carried out by authorized service centers and that parts are replaced at the recommended mileage intervals. This makes a significant difference if the vehicle owner decides to offer the vehicle to the 2nd hand market. ”

In order to be certified for Mitsubishi vehicles, the vehicle must be at a minimum of 1 year or 20.000 kilometers. Mitsubishi vehicle owners who want to get a certificate, from 19.12.2019 They will be able to submit their requests by filling out the contact form on the website at, or by calling 0850 577 25 25. After the request, Temsa Motorlu Araclar will direct it to the nearest authorized service and initiate the process for the necessary checks. After the process is completed, the certificate will be mailed to the address of the vehicle owner.

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