Metro Istanbul to Make Train Driver Purchase

Metro Istanbul Train Driver to Purchase; Metro Istanbul AŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will add new train drivers to its team to strengthen its staff. References started at. It is aimed to support women's employment by posting jobs open to all.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul subsidiaries of Metro Inc., 154,25 13 km line serving the separate systems in Turkey's largest city rail operator position. Carrying more than 158 million passengers every day at the 844 station and with the 2 vehicle, the company employs 2 thousand 690 people.

On the orders of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, rail system investments gained momentum in the new period. Metro Istanbul, which operates these rail systems on behalf of Istanbul Büyülşehir Municipality, has decided to add new train drivers to its staff.

Support for women's employment…

As of December 2019, METRO ISTANBUL is working to provide safe and comfortable service to Istanbul residents with 614 train driver and 70 driverless subway emergency response personnel.

Applications are made online

Candidates wishing to work in suburban rail systems such as subway and tram will be able to submit their applications by 20 December 2019 Friday will be able to. Successful candidates will participate in the Train Drivers Training Program. Candidates who successfully complete the 4 monthly training, where technical and theoretical courses are given, will be awarded their certificates.

In Istanbul, the expanding metro, tramway, etc. the candidates who will use the urban rail transportation vehicles; He loves Istanbul and his work and believes in team spirit.

Other requirements for application are as follows:

  • At least Technical High School graduates or Vocational Schools providing formal education; Electrical - Electronics, Automotive, Motor, Information Technologies, Computer, Rail Systems, Mechatronics, Automation and Mechanical departments,
  • To have at least B class driving license and Psychotechnical certificate,
  • Having completed his military service for male candidates,
  • Not having any obstacles in working shifts,
  • Residence on the European side of Istanbul.

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