Tülay Şengül became the General Manager of Maysan Mando

maysan mando general director was tulay sengul
maysan mando general director was tulay sengul

Turkey's Maysan nation's first and largest manufacturer of shock absorbers, there was a significant change in the scope of duties and corporate sustainability management activities.

Anıl Yücetürk, who has been the General Manager of the company for nearly 5 years, was replaced by Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül, who assumed important responsibilities at various levels in the automotive sector for many years.

Maysan Mando; as a result of the restructuring, it has decided to move towards the goals of sustainable success and growth with a new excitement.

Who is Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül?

1977 Born in Eskişehir, Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül has over 20 years of experience in the automotive sector. Logistics, Production, Purchasing, Quality, Supplier Development, Sales and Business Development, Process Engineering, Maintenance, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management has carried out studies such as.

After his education, Şengül started his career at Karsan Otomotiv and worked at various levels in Production and Logistics departments in Karsan, where he worked for approximately 12 years.

He then worked for Rollmech Automotive for nearly 9 years. Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül started his career as Logistics Manager at the company. respectively as Production and Logistics Manager (2011-2012), Purchasing Manager (2012-2014), Quality Manager (2015-2017), Sales and Business Development Manager (2017-2018) and Operations Director (2018-2019).

After graduating from METU Mechanical Engineering Department (1994 - 1999), Şengül completed his Master of Business Administration (2000-2003) at Uludağ University.

She is married and has a son, 2.

About Maysan Mando

Maysan Mando, an associate of Çukurova Holding and South Korean Mando Group, has a wide range of products for passenger and light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks, as well as for railways and military applications.

2019 as of the year 50. Maysan Mando celebrated the new year, with a large investment in the Organized Industrial Zone in the new factory was established Demirtaş.

Turkey's largest manufacturer of shock absorbers companies, R & D in innovative products developed his work is exported to more than xnumx't countries.

Mando Group, Maysan Mando's% 50 business associate, has 24 production location, 15 R & D Center, 10 sales office and 7 vehicle test area worldwide.

Mando, a subsidiary of Halla Holding, which is among the largest companies in South Korea and the world, has a turnover of 7 billion dollars and is among the most important suppliers of all the world's top 10 brands in automotive. Same zamIt is a large group of companies producing 4th generation equipment in autonomous vehicle technologies.

Considering the Mando Group's factories all over the world, Maysan Mando is the most competent factory that has developed its know-how in the design and production of commercial vehicle shock absorbers.

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