İnci Holding Commemorated Cevdet İnci

founder of th holding cevdet pearl andi
founder of th holding cevdet pearl andi

Pearl Holding executives from established companies in Turkey and its employees, met Cevdet Inci Honor Ceremony. Neşe Gök, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İnci Holding, said: gec We walk confidently from a proud past to a confident future. We are in a period where we need to work harder and produce more for our country. ”

Serving 67 years in the automotive supply industry, the managers and employees of İnci Holding came together this year for the traditional Cevdet İnci Honor Night. The 15th edition of the 'Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards' and the 'Social Message Competition' took place at the İzmir Arena. The opening speech of the ceremony was made by Neşe Gök, who was extended to the position of Chairman of the Board until 2024. Gök stated that they have achieved successful works in 2019 and that they will work with their forces without slowing down in line with the target of strategic growth in 2020.

Var We have more ways to walk ”

Gök emphasized that as İnci Holding family, they continue to produce value-added works and to make growth and investment plans in all of their subsidiaries. Gök With our renewed vision, 'We belong to the future' and we continue on our way. We are moving confidently from a proud past to a confident future. We are leaving behind 65, which is full of achievements that we have increased our exports to 100 percent of our production and reached more than 2019 countries. Inci GS Yuasa's third battery factory, which grew with our Japanese partnership, was put into service. Together with our Brazilian partners in the rim field, we laid the foundation of our fifth factory. We added our love, our love to our work. Our international subsidiary Yusen İnci Logistics Bayraklı We opened our Office. We launched ISMART Design Center in ISM Minibar, the leading company in hospitality and hospitality sector. At the end of 2018, with Vinci, a venture capital company, we invested in three companies operating in early stage technology in the fields of mobility, supply chain, energy management / storage and Industry 4.0.

In addition to our efforts to grow in all of our fields of activity next year, we aim to invest in foreign markets and in sectors capable of growth in order to move the İnci Holding brand beyond the borders of our country. We will continue to make global investments with our technology. We are in a period where we need to work harder and produce more for our country. We have more success, more ways to walk. ”

Social message of 2020 determined

The winning message of the Mesaj Social Message yarış contest, which has been held since 2000 with the participation of employees who maintain the values ​​entrusted to the next generations by Cevdet İnci, founder of İnci Holding, was also announced. The tem technology-themed 2020 social message ”, selected as birleştir We combine knowledge with technology and shape the future, cak will be used throughout the year in all written materials such as letterheads, presentations, catalogs and communication tools such as mail signatures and web sites.

'Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards' were awarded

At the night, the “Cevdet İnci Incentive Awards ği, organized for the first time by its founder Cevdet İnci and held for 15 years, were also presented to the winners. 18 projects were awarded by the jury among 7 different project proposals. The night ended with a concert by Aydok Moralıoğlu and his Orchestra.

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