Hyundai to Show Flying Vehicles at CES 2020

hyundai ces will also show flying vehicles
hyundai ces will also show flying vehicles

Hyundai is preparing to reveal its vision of the future at the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES 2020). Wanting to shape the lifestyles with the mobility solutions of the future, Hyundai will especially produce personal aircraft (Personnel Air Vehicle - PAV) for the first time. The common airports (HUB) where such vehicles will be used will also be offered to visitors. These concepts, developed as a solution to traffic congestion and problems in the city, zamIt also aims to save time.

Hyundai's vision for the future continues with Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV). Customizable concept vehicles with autonomous driving feature offer much more than a simple transportation vehicle, allowing unlimited possibilities.

These two smart mobility solutions will be used in crowded cities in the future and common airports will come together in HUBs and zamIt will also allow the construction of social environments.

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