DAP Yapi Will Replace Company Vehicles With Domestic Cars

dap structure will replace company vehicles with domestic cars
dap structure will replace company vehicles with domestic cars

Turkey's largest manufacturer of residential building located between the DAP, for example, the industry has achieved a breakthrough. DAP Yapı, which will continue its support to the Turkish economy with the domestic car introduced with a magnificent ceremony, has decided to replace 200 company vehicles.

DAP Construction of the leading brands in the real estate sector, Turkey has moved to the car. The first automobile attempts Revolution than 58 years later, all rights to the new domestic vehicles belonging to Turkey TOGG (Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group) and will continue to support the country's economy explaining the DAP building his reign Board Chairman Ziya Yilmaz, important for local initiatives that dünyann talk made statements.

"Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group Innovation Journey to Meet" program Gebze IT Valley in introduced speaking about domestic vehicles Ziya Yilmaz, "that is promoted by our President, our domestic car will be a cornerstone in achieving its future goals of our country. To see this only as a domestic tool; 'Is inadequate to describe his vision of a new and powerful Turkey. Our domestic and national cars represent the 60-year dreams of this country and nation. ” He spoke in the form.

Domestic support for domestic cars

Yilmaz of Turkey's 60-year dream to reality axiom that, "My heart always multiplier for this country; As DAP Yapı, which has been producing, investing and providing employment for its country and nation since its establishment, we are ready to put our hands under the stone in making this dream come true. In this context, we are proud to undertake that we will replace the 200 vehicles in our company with our domestic car. He called on all powerful companies to support the country's economy with domestic cars.

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