Polish Attacks from Bursa Automotive Sector

polish attack from the automotive sector
polish attack from the automotive sector

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) by, initiated with the specialization target foreign trade of SMEs operating in the automotive sector in Turkey and the EU Between Opportunities in Automotive Sector find and Bridges to install 'first overseas activities of the project was held in Poland.

Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD) Bursa automotive companies covered under the project implemented, he attended bilateral business meetings in Poland. BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan, chaired by Kilis Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Hacı Mustafa Celkanlı and 10 companies operating in the automotive sector were among the project partners. During the program, hosted by the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the capital Warsaw, the delegation held business meetings with leading Polish companies and visited relevant institutions and companies operating in the sector and received information about the Polish market.


The delegation attended the meeting, which was initially held at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, including the Polish Economics Chamber Chief Economist Piotr Soroczynski, Polish Investment and Trade Agency Strategic Industry Manager Grzegorz Galczynski, and the Polish Automotive Cluster official Lukazs Brzostek. Speaking at the meeting, BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan gave information about the projects of Bursa automotive industry and BTSO in the sector. Stating that the automotive industry is the largest exporter sector in Bursa, Koçaslan said that the sector has advanced infrastructure, young and educated workforce, strong supply chain and more than 50 years of production experience. Bursa international market in both domestic markets and also stated that the competitive nature Koçasl own, "However, the Customs Union and Turkey's EU candidacy has led to significant improvements in our automotive industry. Within the scope of EU harmonization studies, with the acceptance of EU product and environmental standards, many of our companies have reached the world standard qualification levels by obtaining quality system certificates in accordance with EU legislation. Bursa industry is now at a very advanced stage in automotive technology and international certification. As BTSO, we want to strengthen this position of Bursa even more with the works we carry out. ” said.


Turkey-EU Business Dialogue covered noted that one of the major projects undertaken by the Chamber projects they have implemented Koçasl, the conversation continued as follows: "Turkey from our sister room we realized Kilis Chamber of Commerce together with the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the 'Turkey Finding Opportunities in the Automotive Sector and Building Bridges between the EU and the EU 'project' We aim to increase the cooperation between our Chambers and trade between our business people. Poland, which has maintained its ambitious growth in recent years, is the most important trading partner of our country in Central Europe. We have important opportunities for cooperation, especially in the automotive industry. I hope this event will contribute significantly to the 10 billion euro trade volume target of the two rapidly growing and developing countries. ”


Hacı Mustafa Celkanlı, the Chairman of Kilis Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed his pleasure to take part in such a project and said: teşekkür I thank Mr. İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO. It will be an important experience for us to be part of such a project. ” Celkanlı also invited Polish companies to invest in a new industrial zone with an area of ​​13 million square meters to be realized in Kilis.


Piotr Soroczynski, Chief Economist of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, said that Poland is one of the fastest growing economies among the EU countries. Stating that Poland is a producing country, Soroczynski stressed that automotive has a 13 percent share in Polish industrial production. Sorocynzski noted that the sector mainly produces engine parts and spare parts. “We are the 4th largest supplier in Europe and 9th in the world. We know the potential of Bursa in the automotive sector. I believe that we will sign new collaborations with this project..


Grzegorz Galczynnski, Director of Strategic Industry of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, said that there has been a transition to electric vehicles in the automotive sector. Galczynski noted that they aim to prepare Poland for this transformation and said, kadar By 2025, we have a target of 1 million electric vehicles. 25 percent of state-owned vehicles will be electric. Our R & D activities are concentrated in this direction. We are conducting 2,4 projects on electric vehicles with a total value of 17 billion euros. Turkey also with the industry's most powerful countries, we want to increase our cooperation. "he said.

Following the opening speeches, business meetings were held between the companies of the two countries. BTSO delegation also participated in the meeting organized by the Polish Silesia Automotive Cluster, visited the leading companies of the Polish automotive industry Kirchoff and Maflow Group and examined the production facilities.


'Turkey and the EU Between Opportunities in Automotive Sector find and Bridges Start' project, the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance defined in the vehicle frame TOBB (Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union) and EUROCHAMBRES (European Chamber Union) conducted in coordination 'Turkey-EU Business Dialogue Program' It is realized by BTSO in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Kilis Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The project aims to specialize in foreign trade of SMEs operating in the automotive sector, to raise awareness on entrepreneurship and EU policies, to transfer the best practices of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to provide business opportunities to SMEs in these countries.

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