Antalya 3. Stage Rail System Line Rails Started

Antalya started to lay rails in the 3rd stage rail system line: Antalya started to lay rails in the 3rd stage rail system line; Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 3rd Stage Railway System works are continuing at full speed. The rails started to be laid in the Dumlupınar Boulevard section between the bus terminal of the line and Meltem Gate of Akdeniz University. There is also a new intersection between the University and Meltem Neighborhood.

Rails started to be laid in the Otogar-Meltem stage of the 3rd Stage Rail System Line, which connects Varsak of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with the Bus Station, Antalya Training and Research Hospital, and the city center to the Airport and Aksu. After the rain water drainage line works, rail assembly and line concrete castings are made.


Mediterranean University Meltem gate in front of the multi-storey junction work began. In the Meltem gate, which is used extensively by students, car traffic will flow from the top in the multi-storey junction study which is designed with pedestrian safety in mind. The rail system from the direction of the bus station will connect to the Meltem Neighborhood as a level and will extend to the Training and Research Hospital. Within the scope of the stage works, the pedestrian overpass with escalator and elevator continues at two different points: Dumlupınar Boulevard-Ulusoy Street intersection and Akdeniz University-Gendarmerie. 3. In the last part of the stage, the works are planned to be completed and started to serve in 2020 year.

Antalya Railway System Map

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