Anadolu Isuzu Releases its First Sustainability Report

anuzu isuzu publishes first sustainability report
anuzu isuzu publishes first sustainability report

Turkey's leading commercial vehicle brand Anadolu Isuzu will continue to work with the mission to leave a livable world for future generations. Anadolu Isuzu shared its activities with the public with the u Sustainability Report ğı, which was published for the first time. In the report prepared in GRI G4 reporting standard, Anadolu Isuzu's environmental, social and managerial activities of 2018 year were given in detail. Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tugrul Arikan, "Transparency in sustainability projects that we have implemented at every step considering Turkey as well as we contribute to the global ecosystem," he said.

Considering sustainability as an integral part of corporate governance structure, Anadolu Isuzu published its first Sustainability Report. The report prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting standard includes the detailed environmental, social and managerial performance recorded by Anadolu Isuzu in the sustainability journey in 2018.

In his evaluation of the report, Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan said, “As Anadolu Isuzu, our main target is; While making new ventures in new geographies and new segments, our goal is to strengthen our presence in the domestic market where we are traditionally strong and to move our company into the future with a healthy financial structure. We see sustainability as an important value and leverage in this process and we continue our efforts to integrate it into all our business processes without compromise. ”

Tugrul Arikan, with each step taking into consideration transparency implemented as sustainability projects, as well as Turkey's Anadolu Isuzu said that contributed to the global ecosystem. Arikan, the report; In addition to the strategic elements such as sustainability approach and value creation model adopted by Anadolu Isuzu in accordance with the responsible corporate citizen identity, stakeholder dialogue, priorities determined for the period, contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SKA), examples of best practice projects and future Expectations are also discussed in detail. Arıkan continued his words as follows: “Through the value chain extending from supply to after-sales services by implementing the necessary transformation, to increase the presence of domestic and foreign markets to new dimensions, we aim to be more efficient and more value for the company producing stakeholders. . Within the scope of our lean strategy, we anticipate being a company that manages risks correctly and deals with a proactive approach and grows profitably and efficiently. In this context, we attach great importance to two elements: healthy financial structure and R & D and innovation. We consider the uncompromising performance of our corporate strategy and sustainability approach as a function of our healthy financial structure. As long as the financial strength of Anadolu Isuzu is high, we increase every aspect of the value we provide to the users of our vehicles and reduce our environmental footprint; we will be able to continue our contribution to the economy and society. ”

“We see human resources as architects of sustainable future”

Emphasizing that Anadolu Isuzu focuses on being a global manufacturer that develops and designs products and services with its own assets, not adapting innovation and technological innovations, Arıkan said, “Our efforts in R & D and innovation reinforce our product development power in accordance with customer demands, our claim in new markets and strengthens our presence. ” Stating that they accept human resources as the architects of sustainable future, Tuğrul Arıkan said, yenilikçi Innovative management practices in the field of human resources add value to Anadolu Isuzu corporate brand. Anadolu Isuzu's commitment to its employees; to maintain and develop a work environment in which universal employee rights are protected, fully compliant with legislation regulating working life, talent is developed at all levels, equality of opportunity for women and men is provided and the best standards are provided in OHS issues. Our company, which accepts human resources as the backbone of the success formula in reaching its future targets, will continue to develop its human resources and invest in its competencies while preserving its focus on this field. Kul

Automotive industry should take responsibility for global climate action

Drawing attention to the importance of companies operating in the automotive industry to adopt a strong and responsible approach in the context of global climate action, Tuğrul Arıkan said, “As Anadolu Isuzu, we have accepted the continuous improvement of the emission values ​​of the vehicles we produce as the main objective within the scope of the projects we carry out both directly and with our suppliers and business partners. Electric trucks for the logistics sector, electric buses that will serve the goal of zero emission in urban transportation, the hybrid truck project developed entirely with national resources, the autonomous vehicle project carried out in cooperation with METU, and the 24-meter electromobility concept transportation vehicles that are aimed to bring a new breath to urban public transportation, The first things that come to mind from our works that will accelerate the contribution to climate action. Matches our goal of lower energy consumption zamWe are carrying out many projects to provide them in our production facilities immediately. "Our energy performance improves with each passing period and we make valuable gains."

“Sustainability is at the highest level in Anadolu Isuzu”

Anadolu Group Automotive Group President Bora Koçak emphasized that all aspects of sustainability at Anadolu Isuzu are internalized and owned at the highest level. Stating that sustainability is a strategic goal and priority shared by all Anadolu Group companies, Koçak said, “Anadolu Isuzu's performance on the economic, environmental and social levels of sustainability is encouraging. Anadolu Isuzu is directly contributing to the 17 objective, which is part of the UN-led 13 Sustainable Development Objective (SKA). As long as Anadolu Isuzu preserves its financial health, productivity and profitability, which is the foundation and driving force of everything, it will accelerate its performance on other fronts of sustainability and further develop its exemplary identity. As long as there is valuable contribution and support from our stakeholders, Anadolu Isuzu will continue to carry its sustainability performance to new horizons ”.

Develops innovative projects to minimize environmental impacts

Anadolu Isuzu is actively working in the field of energy efficiency and is working on the exchange of mechanical and electrical equipment in the factory with equipment that is more efficient in terms of energy consumption. Anadolu Isuzu develops innovative and sustainable projects in order to continuously improve the environmental performance of its production activities, products and services and to minimize its environmental impacts without disturbing the natural balance.

Considering social responsibility activities as an important complement to its corporate identity, Anadolu Isuzu continued its social awareness projects carried out with the goal of adding value to society in 2018. Anadolu Isuzu, which implemented the class renewal project of Gebze Yıldırım Beyazıt Middle School with the work carried out by the R & D team, contributed to meeting the educational needs of children studying at the December Mezrası Primary School in Hakkari Developing Village with the support of volunteer employees. With the cooperation of Interuniversity Animal Protection Society, Suadiye Rotaracat Club and Anadolu Isuzu, huts were built to protect homeless animals from waste wood for winter for unattended friends living in Kurtköy forests. The first three projects that were found successful in the Çevre Best Environment Project ”competition held within the scope of 5 June World Environment Day at Anadolu Isuzu Plant were awarded. 17 realized in collaboration with Kızılay Blood Center. In the organization of Blood and Stem Cell Donation, 71 unit blood was collected. Within the scope of the “We are Anatolian” project initiated to contribute to the development of children, 50 secondary school students from Ağrı were provided with one-to-one production experience in Anadolu Isuzu. Organized in cooperation with Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, the organization received a certificate within the scope of the “Let the Forests Be a Forest” project aimed at recycling electronic waste collected by Anadolu Isuzu employees.

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