DEFENDER Releases for the First Time in the US

DEFENDER Releases for the First Time in the US
DEFENDER Releases for the First Time in the US

DOF Robotics, which has made a name for itself in the American, Chinese and European countries with its innovations brought to the entertainment industry by using robotic technologies, has developed a new product that will make its mark on the sector after Hurricane 360 VR, which it has developed with 100% domestic software. 18-21 DOF Robotics will participate in IAAPA EXPO Orlando 2019 which will be held in Orlando, USA between November. "Light of Hope DEFENDER will be exhibiting for the first time at this fair.

DOF Robotics'of with native software developed 6 6-axis platform Light of Hope DEFENDER The game named will be played with VR glasses and the players will be able to see each other and compete in the game interactively. DOF Robotics product, which will bring a new excitement to the entertainment industry, 18-21 November in history IAAPA EXPO at Orlando 2019 will present to the appreciation of visitors for the first time. also CES 2019 Innovation Award and IAAPA Brass Ring Award winning product Hurricane 360 VRwill take place in the fair.

Journey through space to be discovered with DEFENDER

With the discovery of the high-energy matter under the planet Mars, it became easier to travel in space and was discovered with the help of this substance. planetx on the planet DEFENDERused in the reaction of weapons. 4 is an active and passive simulator where users can see their rankings in the world.

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