New Trade Route! Historic Goal to the USA

Two oil tankers from the west of Russia reached China via the melting Arctic glaciers. The route and transported oil is a message to the United States. The route will be bypassed by waterways controlled by the US Navy.

Signs continue to emerge that waterways, which are opened by the rapid melting of glaciers in the Arctic region, will have profound effects on global trade and geopolitical status quo. According to the publication of the American Bloomberg internet news site, Russia has started to increase its crude oil trade through the Arctic region day by day. Finally, two oil tankers, one carrying 1,5 million tons of crude oil, set off from the port of Primorsk in the west of Russia and reached China using the Artctic ocean. The oil being transported in the voyage between Russia and China caused oil to be evaluated as a “common message from the two countries to the USA”. It was stated that the transportation made using the North Sea route in the Arctic region increased twice in 2018.


The new waterways opened in the Arctic region, which has lost 1979 percent of the glacier layer since 40, cause the sea transportation to be increased from here. It is stated that the amount of goods and goods, primarily oil and natural gas, which moved from the north of Russia last year, reached 20 million tons. It is also reported in the news that using the new waterway will bring lower fuel costs and faster delivery.


Under the current circumstances, two tankers had to reach the Asian continent via the Suez Canal or around Africa. These routes take at least more than 50 days, and some zamIt is stated that oil should be transferred with super tankers suitable for route conditions at the moment. When the Artktik area is used, the period can be reduced to 30 days.


The use of the arctic waterway, the same zamit would also mean bypassing the waterways that were currently under the control of the US navy. Waterways such as Gibraltar, the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, Babul Menderp and the South China Sea are under control of the US warships and military bases that aim to keep the global trade and energy market under control. As a result of the new route, an alternative to the Atlantic-Pacific crossing, also provided by the Northwestern Passage, which is also under the control of the USA, has emerged.


In October last year, the cargo ship Venta Maersk followed a course that would change the global balances. The ship departing from the port of Vladivostok in East Asia, Russia's St. Petersburg after 37 days. He had reached the city of St. Petersburg. The cargo ship made 8 thousand kilometers less roads than the existing routes. Officials stated that the campaign was carried out in coordination with Russia.

New Russia Glacier Seaway Map

Source: Yeni Şafak Newspaper

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