TÜVASAŞ is recruiting 12 engineers for the National Train Project!

TÜVASAŞ announced that it will recruit a total of 12 engineer personnel for the national train project. National train project, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Metallurgical, Software and computer engineering graduates, KPSS and YDS'den candidates will be evaluated at least 70.


- Carrying out the general conditions stated in Article 399 of the Decree Law numbered 7,

Mechanical Engineering (code: 4639), Electrical-Electronics Engineering (code: 4611) of faculties or higher education institutions whose equivalence is approved by Higher Education Council as of the application deadline,

-Industrial Engineering (code: 4703), Metallurgical-Materials Engineering (code: 4691), Software Engineering (code: 4533), Computer Engineering (code: 4531)

-To get at least 2018 (Seventy) points from KPSS P3 score type as a result of Public Personnel Selection Exam of 70 year,

- As of the last application date, in the last 5 year, YDS and E-YDS exam at least C level of English proof of having a document or by the Center for Assessment, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) in terms of language proficiency accepted another internationally recognized and have the equivalent score of the exam.


Exam applications will begin on the day following the publication of the exam announcement in the Official Gazette and 22.11.2019 The date will end at the end of working hours (17.00).


Candidates who want to take the entrance exam,

a) The original certified copy of the diploma or graduation certificate or the e-government printout with the barcode of the graduate certificate (original or certified copy of the diploma equivalence certificate for those who have completed their education abroad),

b) Computer output of KPSS result document,

c) The document indicating the level of foreign language knowledge,

d) Curriculum vitae,

e) 3 pieces of passport photographs (taken within the last three months).

f) Application Form (with photo and signature) documents "Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. General Directorate of National Sovereignty Caddesi No: 131 Adapazari / Sakarya / TURKEY "from the Company or from the internet address (http://www.tuvasas.gov.trand complete the “Application Form. which they will provide.

The printout of the Application Form signed by the applicant and the other documents required for the application must be submitted to the above-mentioned address in person or by mail until the end of 22.11.2019 working hours (17.00).

Applications submitted to the General Directorate records after the deadline of the deadline, applications not submitted to the General Directorate within the due period due to delays in the mail and other reasons will not be processed.

The documents must be submitted to TÜVASAŞ General Directorate by the deadline specified. These documents may be approved by the Personnel Department of the General Directorate, provided that the original documents are submitted.

For detailed information about TÜVASAŞ national train project recruitment application CLICK HERE...

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