Turkey's High Speed ​​Train Stations

Turkey's High Speed ​​Train Stations; After the implementation of High Speed ​​Railway Projects in Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Bursa and Ankara-Izmir, the construction of YHT Station Complexes, which are as important as railway construction, have been prioritized and the construction of YHT Station Complexes has been prioritized. studies have been started.

Ankara YHT Gar

Ankara YHT Station has been designed by considering the international standards and by examining the structure, layout, usage and operation types of high speed train stations in other countries.

The project, which aims to turn Ankara Station and its surroundings into a center of attraction for the capital, is designed to represent the new vision of the sector and symbolize speed and dynamism as well as today's technology and architectural understanding.

194 thousand m2 building area and 33,5 thousand m² building residence area YHT station hotel, shopping center, restaurants, indoor and outdoor parking lots, subway and suburban connection.

The new station is equipped with 12 meter-length 400 platforms and 3 lines, which can accommodate the 6 YHT set at the same time. Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station 29, which was built with Build-Operate-Transfer model, was put into service on October 2016.

Ankara YHT Gar
Ankara YHT Gar

Konya YHT Gar

The existing railway station of Konya has been repaired and repaired in order to prepare for YHT flights. However, access to the existing station is limited and the integration of the station with the city center is poor. Following the opening of the Konya-Istanbul line, especially the Ankara-Konya Line, it is insufficient to meet the existing passenger capacity. For this reason, a new station is being built in Konya Bugdaypazari Location and it is planned to be put into service at the end of 2018.

As in Ankara YHT Station, construction of the station, which will include shopping center, restaurants, indoor and outdoor parking lots, is under construction.

Konya YHT Gar
Konya YHT Gar

Ankara Etimesgut YHT Station Complex

The YHT Station Complex is built on an area of ​​157,7 hectares, and there are Eryaman YHT Station, High Speed ​​Train Main Maintenance Depot and YHT Training Facilities within the complex.

In line with 2023 targets of railways, Ankara will be the center of gravity of our country's YHT Management Network. For this reason, the main center of the HHT Care network is designated as Ankara. Ankara (Erya-man) High Speed ​​Train Main Maintenance Facility was completed.

When determining the location of the maintenance facility; proximity to the existing departure-arrival station, being near the railway line, being empty and flat or less hilly land, low expropriation costs, compliance with the zoning plan and accessibility factors were taken into consideration.

The planned maintenance and station needs of the YHT sets to be used in the YHT lines require the 46.568 m2 closed area, the need for training facilities for the training of qualified personnel in high-speed train operations, and the establishment of the YHT Train Station in Etimesgut / Ankara for the increase in the number of passengers.

YHT (Eryaman) main maintenance complex established in Etimesgut;

●● During maintenance works, no gas will be released into the air and no chemicals will be used to pollute the soil and water,

●● Oil, etc. that may occur during maintenance operations. biological and chemical treatment unit will be located in the Maintenance Facility for wastes,

●● The Train Wash Building also has a biological treatment unit, where 90% of wastewater will be recovered,

●● Oil wastes accumulated in treatment units will be stored in a special reservoir and disposed of,

●● There will be no oil discharge to the sewerage network,

●● The railway maneuvers will not be noisy due to the electrical infrastructure of the entire facility.

As a result, the project studies for HHT Maintenance Facilities were carried out meticulously; human and environmental health criteria were also taken into consideration. The construction of the YHT Maintenance Complex has been completed.

Yeni Eryaman YHT Station was opened next to the main maintenance store. The newly built station and high-speed train stops in the direction of west are held at this new station instead of Xinjiang. Eryaman YHT Station has been designed to be in the YHT Station Complex in the middle of Ayaş Road, Ankara Ring Road and Istasyon Street in order to provide access from the highway in a short time and has been integrated with the suburban rail system.

Etimesgut Train Station Complex
Etimesgut Train Station Complex

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