Alternative Energy Transition of Fleet Continues in Turkey

gw of alternative energy fleets in Turkey says
gw of alternative energy fleets in Turkey says

Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet Barometer 2019 Survey, sponsored by TEB Arval, sheds light on the growth potential of electric and hybrid vehicles in fleets.

13 countries covering and xnumx's according to a survey by the opinions of 317 thousand 3 fleet managers, including from Turkey 930 percent of companies in the European electric, hybrid or rechargeable hybrid vehicles have included at least one fleet or to include it in future years 40 plans. 3 percent level of this ratio in Turkey.

Great Britain leads

Among the countries participating in the Arval Mobility Observatory survey, in the scope of inclusion of electric and hybrid vehicles in the fleet, the UK settled in the first 61 rankings with 58 percent, Netherlands 55 percent and Belgium 3 percent; 25 percent in the ranking with Turkey, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic at the top, took place in the xnumx'unc.

Appropriate and widespread infrastructure can increase interest in the transition to alternative tools

Fleet managers to switch to alternative fuels such as conditions for what came to the fore as one of the most fundamental problems in the study were asked about the need to not spread the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles in Turkey in the transition to electric vehicles. Today, 7 of the companies using alternative fuel vehicles constitute the largest institutions, while 11 of the Turkish companies participating in the research stated that they aim to switch to alternative energy vehicles within the next 3 year.

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