Huge Investment from TEMSA to France


Temsa, the leading brand in the bus market, created its own distribution and service network organization in France after America.

TEMSA continues to make new strides in foreign markets. TEMSA has started a new restructuring process in France, which is ranked 1 among the export markets.

Stating that they are among the most powerful and widespread bus brands in France with more than one thousand 5 bus exports to date, TEMSA CEO Aslan Uzun said, “As TEMSA, we are going one step further with our new investment in the 20 year. After the USA and Germany, we established our third company in France. With this decision we have taken within the framework of our strategy to reach larger targets both in France and the whole European market, we have established our sales, after-sales services, spare parts and second-hand organization throughout France. Thus, we will be able to offer our customers much faster solutions in France and introduce them to our new products more easily. In addition, this organization will provide us with important advantages in terms of our targets for other European countries and in increasing our market share. ”

Stressing that TEMSA's international expansions will not be limited to France, Aslan Uzun said, “We believe that our TEMSA brand will become more powerful in Europe and America with our wide product range and especially the steps we take in the field of electric buses. " said.

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