TCDD will appoint 262 Personnel

TCDD 262 Personnel Appointment: TCDD staff positions were opened and distribution of staff was announced on 5.November.2019. In the decision published in the Official Gazette State Railways idle 262 staff were included.

The decision published in the current issue of the Official Gazette is as follows; In the case of state-owned enterprises and subsidiaries, the transactions mentioned above are carried out within the scope of Decree Law No. 399.

With the decision of the President, the cancellation and modification of the positions of the personnel to be employed and the positions of the contracted personnel and the positions and positions created by the Civil Servants under the 657 Law no.

IDRAS President's Decision


In the announcement published, TCDD, Central and Provincial, Chief Specialist, Inspector, Consultant, Officer, Service Manager, Manager, Chief Expert, Wagon Technician, Head-technician, YHT Mechanic and Psychologist staff were created.

TCDD Staff Appointment Table

TCDD Center Chief Expert 28
TCDD Center Inspector 1
TCDD Center Advisor 10
TCDD Center Memur 26
TCDD Provincial Service manager 3
TCDD Provincial manager 15
TCDD Provincial Chief Expert 19
TCDD Provincial Wagon Technician 120
TCDD Provincial Chief technician 18
TCDD Provincial YHT Engineer 20
TCDD Provincial Psychologist 2


Establishment means separation of staff. Allocated staff will be employed. Information on new recruitment and internal appointments has not been specified and the decision has been implemented.

For the President Decision 2019/373 announcement published in the official newspaper CLICK HERE

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