100 Daily Adventure From Istanbul to Singapore Stops in Istanbul Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

singapore hondon london hilton istanbul bosphorus
singapore hondon london hilton istanbul bosphorus

Turkey's first five-star hotel Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus opened that guests in 1955, 10.000 miles of driving from London to Singapore "The First Overland" welcomed in history as Oxford and cheered on his way home a new member of the Cambridge team. 64 yıl The Last Overland kat, which crossed the same route with a new team after a year's break, departed from Singapore in August with three vehicles, including the Oxford car that made its maiden voyage in 1955. 22 The Last Overland team arrived in Istanbul on Friday, November. The first overland team in 1955 was Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus.

In the year 1955, Oxford and Cambridge teams, who made one of the most iconic journeys in history by driving 10.000 miles from London to Singapore with Land Rover I series vehicles, preferred Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus which was opened in the same year for the Istanbul stop located on their routes. 64 After a year hiatus, The Last Overland arrived at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus on Friday, November, with a new team, including 87-year-old Oxford team leader Tim Slessor.

“Going back home to Oxford”

The First Overland realized time of the year 1955, and Turkey's first five-star hotel Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Istanbul was the year he attained. One of the stops of the London-Singapore voyage, which was completed by passing over more than 20 countries on three continents, was Istanbul, which served as a bridge from Europe to Asia, and Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, the ambassador of Turkish hospitality.

25 In August 2019, Last The Last Overland çıkan set out to travel in the opposite direction of the same route as a new team, arrived in Istanbul with three vehicles including the first Oxford car that made its first trip in 1955. Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus was the team's choice for accommodation in Istanbul. Hilton, the second and last stage of the historic journey in Istanbul, Hilton, 90 on the road for the last Overland team, including a well-respected members of the press organized a pleasant ceremony.

“Hilton is undoubtedly the most impressive hotel I have ever seen”

The adventures of The Last Overland teams on three continents and over twenty countries were listened to with interest by the guests at the press conference attended by the new team members of the iconic journey, Alex Bescoby, Marcus Allender, Larry Leong and Adam Bennett.

The new team members, who sincerely answer questions from members of the press, talked about Tim Slessor's motivation to repeat the journey at his age. “Tim's aim was to take the Oxford car we used on the first journey back from land to Singapore. He said that he had to make this journey once again before it was too late. That's why he joined the new team. ”

Hilton top class hotels in charge of Turkey Regional Director Armin Zeruny, The Last Overland was happy to welcome the team expressed with these words: "In June 1955, Conrad Hilton, part of the Hilton Istanbul which implement the expansion plans in Europe, the same year on three continents The First Overland team, taking one of the most iconic journeys in history, has become one of the stopovers in Istanbul. As Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, we are happy to welcome The Last Overland team, which has set off with the same spirit and the same purpose, after a 64-year break, at our hotel. The founder of our brand, Conrad Hilton, opened the doors of Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus in 1955 to the memorandum of the book. he said. Positioned as friendship centers where people of good faith representatives from many countries speak the language of peace, Hilton is pleased to be among the first choices of travelers. ”

Among the Istanbul notes in the diaries kept by the First Overland team members throughout the journey, “We visited Hilton Istanbul on September 21, 1955; We visited. We had lunch on the terrace. The hotel was opened a few days ago. Hilton is without a doubt the most impressive hotel I have seen anywhere. American magic. It is very smooth and modern. ”

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