Breathtaking Contest in Rallikrosta

breathtaking traction in rallikrosta
breathtaking traction in rallikrosta

2019 Turkey Rallycross Championship final race, the short name TOSFED November 24 by Turkey Automobile Sports Federation was held on Sunday at Bay Race Track ...

The organization in which 50, one of the 16 athletes who qualified to compete in the final as a result of the qualifying races held in Bursa and İzmir, competed in the 4 separate category, was stipulated in multiple output format on the half-asphalt half-soil track of 1,500 meters. 3 ranking and a final race, especially in the final round of breathtaking strife was followed by enthusiasts who filled the track.

In category 1, Berke Yavuz, the youngest driver of the race, won first place and season championship with Citroen Saxo VTS and Mehmet Tuğrul Bakkal from İzmir finished second. Ahmet Atış competed in this category in training rounds, Ali İşeri qualifying rounds, Engin Apaydın and Engin Karadağ were the ones who could not complete the race due to mechanical failures in the final rounds.

In the category 2, Halid Avdagiç, the Istanbul finalist competing with Control 2, won the first place and championship, while Ahmet Tuna Muhtar from Bursa and Ford Fiesta ST came second in a similar car from Mehmet Gökseven. Renault Clio Sport and Tanju Çelen left the weekend without any points due to mechanical problems in the training rounds and Gürkal Menderes in the final rounds.

In the category 3, the Ford Fiesta R2T, where he was behind the wheel for the first time, Çağlayan Çelik became the first and champion of Bursa.

In the category 4, Erhan Akbaş, who started to compete with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX on behalf of GP Garage My Team this season, was the first to reach the title and champion. Ali Çatalbaş, one of the finalists from İzmir, won second place with Fiat Punto S1600 and Halim Ateş, who competed with MINI JCW WRC, said goodbye to the race.

The event, colored with the shows of Apex Masters drift drivers Doğukan Manço, Fukran Karan and Aykut Şimşir, ended with an award ceremony held at the end of the race.

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