Oyak Renault Reopens Doors to Employees' Families

oyak renault reopened its doors to the families of its employees
oyak renault reopened its doors to the families of its employees

Turkey's largest carmaker Oyak Renault, the establishment of 50. continues its factory activities with factory trips. Oyak Renault hosts ın Family Trips altında organized under the name of yapan My Family is My Factory Oy at the Oyak Renault Automobile Factories, which manufacture the world's latest production technologies from Bursa. 18-23 was re-opened after two years and opened again to Oyak Renault employees in November.

Turkey's largest carmaker Oyak Renault to increase employee satisfaction and motivation during the "My Family My Plant" has resumed after the break family trip to 2 years. Within the scope of the trips, the doors of Oyak Renault Automobile Factories, which use the latest technologies and manufacture from Bursa to the world, were opened to the families of the employees. 50. The first 2-18 series of family trips, which was re-launched after the 23 year break, was held between November. 720 people visited the factory which was opened to visit the families of Oyak Renault employees. Oyak Renault General Manager Antoine Aoun accompanied the families who visited the factory on the first day of the family trip.

Oyak Renault General Manager Aoun, who made a welcome speech to the families before the factory tour, said: yeni We are happy to start our family trips that we took a break due to our new Clio project that has been going on for a while. Oyak Renault Automobile Factory as we begin our activities in Turkey are celebrating the year of xnumx'nc. 50 has achieved many successes during the year, and we have grown into a large family of over 50 thousand 7 people. Thanks to you, we have produced the most popular cars in the world. I am pleased that you, our esteemed families, will see how these cars are produced. ”

Children learned coding at Digital Transformation school

Within the framework of Family Trips, 18-23 November “Oyak Renault Digital Transformation” school was organized for the children of Oyak Renault employees. Within the school, 30 students received a total of 180 training every day within a week. The children of the employees who participated in the workshop learned robotic coding, 30 dimensional modeling by developing their hand skills under the supervision of 3 Oyak Renault volunteer instructor and made their own designs in the wood design workshop. After the workshops during the day, the children had the opportunity to see the working environment of their parents with their families. Oyak Renault Digital Transformation School will continue to provide education to students during the February and April breaks. The aim of the program is to teach the children of the future Oyak Renault employees the journey of digital transformation from an early age.

Oyak Renault Family Trips

Family Trips' employees, a total of 4 people can participate with first-degree relatives. The families who were informed about Oyak Renault activities before the trip had the chance to learn the history of the factory. The families who visit the body, assembly and engine departments in order to witness the production process more closely after the information, learn the working processes in the factory and get to know the Oyak Renault world better.

During the trip, when you take a lot of interest especially children-art robots on the production line, workers in the export and production of locomotives in Turkey pride they feel to be a part of this giant companies share with their families. Employees immortalize their unforgettable moments with their families.

Approximately 7 thousand 500 people are employed in Bursa Oyak Renault Automobile Factories Family Trips will continue in 2020. The trips, which disabled employees can participate with their families, will continue at regular intervals until each employee visits the factory with his family.

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