Off-Road Cup 5. Leg Army Race Starts Ceromonic Start

Off Road Cup Foot Army Racing Ceremony
Off Road Cup Foot Army Racing Ceremony

5 Off-Road Cup, organized with the contribution of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Ceremonial start of the Leg Army Race, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. 15 July was given by Mehmet Hilmi Güler at Democracy Square.

The race, led by Ordu Gezenbilir Off-Road Club and where many Off-Road Clubs in the Black Sea provinces will participate, will start with the organization to be held on Sunday, November 3 at 11.00:21 at Kayabaşı Melet Bridge. The race, which will include 42 vehicles and XNUMX pilots, will give the audience exciting moments.

“THAT BEAUTY CAN Distract You”

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality wished success to off-road racers. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, orum I am very pleased to host the distinguished and successful Off-Road pilots in Ordu. 5 of off-road racing. I wish you success in heartfelt. I want you to be careful on the way you go because Ordu carries all the beauties of the Black Sea Region. Because these beauties can distract you. We know you are very successful racers, but you will surely consider the beauty of the Black Sea along the way. As host, we would like to entertain you after the race. I wish you all a nice race ”.

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