Nextbike Konya Smart Bike Stations

Nextbike Konya, in order to promote the use of bicycle as a means of transportation in addition to being used for entertainment and sports purposes; Nextbike Konya aims to expand the Bisiklet Smart Bike Sharing System inde throughout Konya, thus providing a healthy and environmentally friendly transportation for all bicycle lovers.

With Smart Bike Sharing System, bike lovers will not have to carry their bikes with them, they can rent bikes from the nextbike Konya stations and leave them to any Nextbike Konya stations.

What is Smart Bike System?

It is a sustainable bicycle sharing system that serves as an alternative means of transport for bicycle lovers in many metropolises, eliminates the necessity of carrying bicycles by supporting with technological database and can be integrated into the transportation network in the city.

The purpose of this system is to ensure that the 3 - 5 km distances can be traveled without having to drive a motor vehicle. In this way, the burden on public transport and the impact of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases will be reduced and the society will have the opportunity to use a healthier and more environmentally friendly means of transport.

Nextbike How does it work?

You can find bicycles in the most central points of Konya. All you have to do is bring your ELKART closer to the sensor and pick up the bike. To return the bike, it is enough to place the bike in a suitable area at the station. If you want, you can register from one of our stations during your first rental.

Nextbike Rentals

You need a credit card to rent a bike! Enter your mobile phone number, name and credit card information, start cycling! If you have a ELKART, you must bring it closer to the sensor during registration.

If you previously registered on the nextbike from the website, move your ELKART closer to the sensor, enter your phone number and PIN code. Now only your ELKART is enough for bicycle rental and return operations!

  1. Bring ELKART closer to the sensor
  2. The bike automatically unlocks
  3. You can pick up the bike with the signal on the station
  4. You will see the bike lock code on the terminal screen and an informational message (SMS or short call) will be sent to your mobile phone.

Nextbike Returns

Place the bike in a suitable area in the station
A light on the station indicates that the bike has been successfully returned
Please lock the bike upon return.

Nextbike Registration

We record your personal information before using the bike rental system. Our system recognizes you with your phone number for later rentals. Once registered, you can use our bike rental system in all the nextbike cities around the world. With a customer account you can rent up to 4 bikes.

Nextbike Payment

You can pay by credit card. To confirm your payment information, 1 TL will be charged to your card. This amount will be credited to your account for your use.

Nextbike Konya Fee Schedule

We are able to offer very attractive prices thanks to our flexible rental systems and the presence of our advertising partners as well as easy.

Standard rate:

You can return your bike to our official locations. Please take a look at our location to see our locations.

Other service charges

Return to unofficial locations or locations: 4 TL per km, minimum 20 TL
Damage or theft: 300 TL
These fees will be accrued in return for logistics. Thank you for your understanding.


In the event of damage or theft, the person renting the bike will be charged a fee of 300 TL. In the event of gross negligence or deliberate damage, the person renting the bike is fully liable under the law. The bike is your responsibility from the moment you receive your bike rental code until our service team checks the bike and decides to rent the same bike. Checks may take place at random (within 48 hours after return of the bicycle).

See the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Once a day the first 30 min free
Fee per hour
24 watches 15 TL
1 weeks (7 days) 60 TL

Map of Konya Netbike

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