Marmaray Fees Change by Number of Stations Traveled

Marmaray Fees Depend on the Number of Stations Received; Marmaray, which started to provide services with a total of 43 stops in the past months, varies according to the number of stops visited.

5.5 Marmaray, which provides service at total 5 stops throughout the year, has increased its number of stops to 43 in recent months. Marmaray's pricing varies between 2.60 TL and 5.70 TL, while pricing varies according to the distance traveled by citizens.

President of TÜDER Levent Küçük made statements to the members of the press about the issue and gave speeches to inform the citizens. Küçük said that Marmaray facilitates transportation for the people living in the city and that it has received much attention with the expansion of the transportation network.

Marmaray Fees Change by Number of Stations

Küçük underlined that the pricing policy of Marmaray has increased in direct proportion to the station used, and 1 TL for 7 to 2.60 stops, 8 TL for 14 stops, 3.25 TL for 15 and 21 stops for 4.40 stops. TL, 29 ia 35 stall uses in the use of the charge is 5.20 TL, 36 to 43 stall use is the charge received in the 5.70 TL said.

Within the framework of Marmaray's price policy, the smallest distance is taken as a fare at the stop, small, this situation is due to the possibility of going to the farthest point unless the stations exit. Citizens do not go to the farthest distance in the exit points in the return of the devices that need to read the cards to small, talking about the end of the distance traveled to the devices returned to the device said that more money.

A similar to the pricing policy, which mentions that the functioning of the Metrobus small, most of this situation, saying that the information of citizens, warned citizens on this issue.

Another explanation was made by TÜDEF President Aziz Koçak. Koçal said in a statement that the citizens mostly forgot to take their rebates, noted that there were warning signs in writing on behalf of rebates at the exits of the stops in Marmaray. (the Kamubült)

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