Karsan Uses Continental in Buses Exported to Italy

Karsan uses continental on the bus that it exports to Italy
Karsan uses continental on the bus that it exports to Italy

Developed by Continental, one of the world's largest international tire and original equipment suppliers, ContiPressureCheck is used as original equipment in vehicles exported to Italy by Karsan. This technology, which has been used in 227 vehicles delivered to Industria Italiana Autobus so far, is planned to be used in 310 vehicles in total until the end of the year.

The automotive company Karsan, which manufactures light and heavy commercial vehicles with 100 Turkish capital, uses Continental's ContiPressureCheck technology for the tires of Menarinibus vehicles exported to Italy-based bus manufacturer Industria Italiana Autobus (IIA).

Under the contract between Karsan and IIA, the 2019 vehicle is delivered with Continental's ContiPressureCheck technology. Since 227 year contipressurechecksürücü and fleet managers used the tire pressure in vehicles in Turkey and provide important information such as temperature. Thus, when the pressure of the tires decreases or the temperature rises, the necessary precautions can be taken immediately.

ContiPressureCheck helps make the environment safer and cleaner. In addition, higher mileage and lower fuel consumption result in savings in operating costs.

ContiPressureCheck helps companies in terms of occupational health and safety by minimizing possible accident risks due to the tire they provide.

The remaining 77.5 million-euro deal is expected to be delivered by the end of this year, with a total of 310 vehicles using ContiPressureCheck.

At the end of 2018 it owned 28,6 percent stake Autobus Industria Italiana SpA (IIA) in partnership with Karsan, Menarinibus branded vehicles belonging to IIA carries out the production and sales in Turkey.

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