Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Schedule

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Hours: 19,3 Km The first phase of the long line was built between Sirkeci and Aksaray and opened in 1992. The line connected to Topkapı and Zeytinburnu directions was then extended to Eminönü Station. On June 29, 2006, it was connected to Kabataş by passing over the Galata Bridge.

In the Kabataş region, the Taksim Kabataş Funicular Line was connected to the Yenikapı Hacıosman Metro Line, and in this way, transportation between 4. Levent and Atatürk Airport was provided by rail systems. All stations of the Zeytinburnu - Bağcılar Line, which was put into service in 2006 and operated by high-floor tram vehicles, were made compatible with low-floor trams in just one week and merged with the T3 Line on February 2011, 1. With this study, direct rail transportation from Bağcılar to Kabataş was provided.

On the route where it was built, the number of daily trips on the line, which has the potential of 320.000 (Average) passengers, is 295 trips in one direction to Kabataş Bağcılar. Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Line, which has 31 stations, serves between 06.00 - 00.00 hours. Expedition time is about 65 minutes The one-way trip frequency is 2 per minute.


Line Length: 19,5 Km.
Number of Stations: 31
Number of Wagons: 92
Duration: 70 minutes
Operating Hours: 06: 00 / 00: 00
Number of passengers per day: 265.000 passenger / day
Trip Frequency: 2 minutes at peak time.

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Stations

The stations on the whole of the line are suitable for the operation of the low floor tram cars and the ramps for disabled access are constructed with ramps in technical conditions suitable for disabled access. Only Topkapi station was built in the Topkapı underpass.

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Transfer Lines

The Kabataş-Bağcılar tram line is considered to be one of our backbone lines with its high capacity and route, so it provides the opportunity to transfer to other public transportation vehicles at many points on its route.

  • In Bağcılar Station, M1B Yenikapı-Kirazlı metro line,
  • M1A Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport metro line and Metrobus line at Zeytinburnu Station,
  • Metrobus line at Cevizlibağ-Atatürk Student Dormitory Station,
  • T4 Topkapı Mescid-i Selam tram line at Topkapı Station,
  • M1A Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport and M1B Yenikapı-Kirazlı metro lines at Yusufpaşa Station,
  • M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line and Marmaray operation at Aksaray Station,
  • At the Laleli-Istanbul University Station M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line,
  • Marmaray operation at Sirkeci Station,
  • With sea enterprises in Eminönü Station,
  • F2 Karaköy-Beyoğlu at the Karaköy Station, the historical tunnel line and sea-runways,
  • At Kabataş Station, the F1 Taksim-Kabataş funicular line can be transferred to the City Lines, IDO and marine engines.

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Stations

  1. Bagcilar
  2. Güneştepe
  3. Yavuz Selim
  4. Bulbous
  5. raiders
  6. Gungoren
  7. Merter Textile Center
  8. Mehmet Akif
  9. Zeytinburnu
  10. Mithatpaşa
  11. Akşemsettin
  12. Merkezefendi
  13. Cevizlibag
  14. Topkapi
  15. Pazartekke
  16. Anchor-Şehremini
  17. Fındıkzade
  18. Hasseki
  19. Yusufpaşa
  20. Aksaray
  21. Laleli
  22. Beyazit
  23. Çemberlitas
  24. Blue
  25. Gulhane
  26. Sirkeci
  27. Eminonu
  28. Karakoy
  29. Armory
  30. nut
  31. Stone

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram and Istanbul Metro Map

Istanbul Metro Map, Istanbul Tram Map: All maps of Istanbul public transportation systems can be found on the following maps:

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