Izmit Sakarya Nakliyat Has Used Its Choice From Ford Trucks

zmit Sakarya Used its Transport Choice Since Ford Trucks
zmit Sakarya Used its Transport Choice Since Ford Trucks

Izmit Sakarya Nakliyat, has preferred since Ford Trucks; Founded in 1949, chlor-alkali products, pesticides, focusing on home care products, Turkey's largest 500 industrial enterprise among the Protection of Group of Companies Izmit Sakarya Transport, has expanded its fleet with the 9 Total Ford Trucks 3233S ADR road truck.

With the delivery, the total number of Ford Trucks vehicles within the company's 85 vehicle park reached 58. Izmit Sakarya Transportation plans to use Ford Trucks vehicles in their domestic operations.

Vehbi Koç Foundation Ford Otosan's Golcuk Culture and Social Life Center in organized car Transport delivery ceremony Izmit Sakarya Marketing & Sales Manager Ersan Stick, Fleet Fields & Logistics Manager Cumhur Erdoğan, Tools & Logistics Operations Officer Ufuk Baydemir, as well as Ford Trucks Turkey Sales Manager Murat Bakis, Regional Sales Manager Baran Süslü, Regional Service Manager Burak Yatmazoğlu and FSM Demirbaş Automotive Sales Manager Cem Akkaya attended the meeting.

Stating that Ford Otosan's 60 years of experience, taking into account its truck production competence, they use their preferences in this direction, Izmit Sakarya Transport Marketing & Sales Manager Ersan Kaynaş, in his speech at the delivery ceremony, said that Ford Trucks is both domestic production and the widespread service and spare parts network is important in these choices. He noted that there is a factor. Ford Trucks stated that they also consider the fuel savings provided by vehicles and the ease of exchange they offer.

Domestic power of the heavy commercial vehicle market Ford Trucks

Ford Trucks models developed by Ford Otosan engineers, in line with the expectations of customers operating in domestic and international transportation and construction; It is produced with features such as power, comfort, efficiency and durability in Ford Trucks' DNA. Ford Trucks models offer its users the comfort of high performance and low fuel consumption with up-to-date technologies. The domestic power of the heavy commercial market, Ford Trucks models are produced at the Ford Otosan Eskişehir Plant. Same at Ford Otosan Eskişehir Plant zamThe environmentally friendly Ecotorq engine is currently being produced. Turkey Ford builds its own engines, the first heavy commercial brand under its own brand Trucks, Turkey continues to provide high added value to the economy.

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