İZDENİZ Timetables and Route Information on Google Maps

İZDENİZ Timetable and Route Information On Google Maps; İZDENİZ A.Ş., affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. continues to use digital technology in the service of its passengers. As a result of negotiations with Google, the schedules and route information of the ships in Izmir can now be seen on the public transportation tab on Google Maps.

Completing the harmonization process with Google, İZDENİZ will now be among the transportation options for passengers using Google Maps. Passengers who prefer sea transportation in Izmir zamIt will make it easier to reach from one point to another without losing a moment.

There will be convenience for tourists

İZDENİZ flights are still followed by the company's website and İZUM application, as well as local and foreign tourists in Google Maps ferry times and route information will be able to see.

How to use it?

A person who wants to go from Konak to Karşıyaka in Izmir, for example, will click on Karşıyaka Pier after selecting the public transportation option on Google Maps. The screen showing the timetable and route information will appear. The person will see that the road, which can be reached in about 30 minutes by car, can be passed in 15 minutes by ferry.

izdeniz schedules and timetables information on google maps
izdeniz schedules and timetables information on google maps

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