II. Abdulhamid's Dream Hejaz Railway Amman Train Station is Restoring

By TIKA II. One of the most important projects of the Abdulhamid Khan period, the Hejaz Railway Amman Train Station is being restored and the museum building is being built, which covers the entire railway.

abdulhamidin ruyasi hejaz railway amman railway station being restored
abdulhamidin ruyasi hejaz railway amman railway station being restored

II. Hejaz Railway, one of the most important projects of Abdulhamid Khan period, was built between Damascus and Medina between 1900-1908 years. The construction of the railway started in September 1 between Damascus and Der'a. The construction started from Damascus to Medina; 1900 reached Amman, 1903 reached Maan, 1904 reached Medayin-i Salih in September 1, and 1906 reached Medina in August 31. The main stations of the Hejaz Railway line are Damascus, Der'a, Katrana and Maan stations as well as Amman.

The Hejaz line would be instrumental in a great religious service by facilitating the pilgrimage journey, which could be done with great effort and hardship. Thus, the long journey from Syria to Medina for about forty days and to Mecca for fifty days, which was dangerous due to the attacks of the Bedouins, would be reduced to four or five days. Normal not only in situations of war and riot zamAt the same time, the shipments of soldiers and ammunition to Yemen with Hejaz would be carried out by rail, thus eliminating the need for the Suez Canal.

Amman Train Station, which has been left unattended for a long time due to lack of education, economic inadequacy, neglect, unconsciousness and apathy, three historical buildings have been in deterioration process for various reasons. This
For this reason, the restoration of three buildings constructed as lodgings for the station staff at Amman Train Station, and the restoration of a new Hicaz Railway with an approximate 1500 m² area in compliance with the surrounding area, were deemed appropriate and the projects of TIKA were prepared by TIKA.

The Amman Hijaz Railway Museum, which will be established by TIKA, will contain many important articles and memories related to the history of the Ottoman Railway.

Hicaz Railway Map

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