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Hyundai Vision T Concept W
Hyundai Vision T Concept W

When Hyundai sends off the new models introduced in 2019 zamnow reveals his vision of the future. The Vision T Concept, which the brand recently introduced at 2019 AutoMobility LA, gives clues about the design of future SUV models, and the Lafesta model, which was unveiled at the Guangzhou Motor Show, reflects the point of view of sporty sedans. Drawing attention to electricity with its 45 EV Concept, which it recently introduced in Frankfurt, this time with plug - in hybrid, the RM19 excites performance enthusiasts with its 390 horsepower.

Vision T Plug - in Hybrid SUV Concept

The innovative Vision T Plug-in Hybrid SUV concept, introduced by Hyundai at the 2019 AutoMobility LA held in the USA, expresses the advanced Sensuous Sportiness, the global design language of sensory sportiness in the best way. This car, which is the seventh concept of Hyundai Design Center with the code of HDC-7, emphasizes the structure of future SUV models. SangYup Lee, Vice President of Hyundai Global Design Center, said, “ zam"We produce innovative solutions at the moment and add emotional values ​​to our models through the sensory sporty design language."

Vision T Concept brings both the modern and sporty lines together, giving the brand a completely different personality. Hyundai adds a more aesthetic atmosphere to the SUV models with its coupe form extending to the rear, offering a more fluid and more dynamic dynamism. The concept model has a long wheelbase. With its roof line and powerful front section, it also riveted its sportiness. The Vision T has a more elegant silhouette, unlike the existing compact SUV designs. It uses a sharper geometric angle and smoother transitions to create a great contrast for both urban and off road use.

The new concept has two derivatives of dynamic design: Parametric Fantasy and Love Connection. In this design philosophy, parametric surfaces such as the body, lighting and interior are tightly connected to each other. The extraordinary LED headlights developed on the basis of the Le Fil Rouge and Grandeur models are The parametric grille used in the vehicle symbolizes the innovations that Hyundai has added to dynamism. zamThe instantly closing grille opens and closes speed-sensitive after moving and does not allow drivingzam This new feature optimizes aerodynamics and fuel efficiency whilst the same zamIt also provides air flow to the power transmission system at the same time. The rear lighting group turns off when the vehicle is parked and is activated when the engine is running, giving the rear design a completely different ambiance.

With its futuristic frameless doors and satin chrome accessories, the car is more muscular. zamVision T, whose orange brake calipers continue to symbolize dynamism, also prioritizes visuality with matte gray and embossed parts.

The new electric sedan: Lafesta EV

Lafesta electric sedan, as the name suggests, is a brand new electric model. With its superior connectivity and ADAS features, Lafesta is especially aimed at consumers who love sporty sedans. Hyundai Lafesta EV, which targets China's competitive electric vehicle market, is a completely eco-friendly model. and will be available in December.

Lafesta EV, just like the Vision T Concept, was developed based on the brand's Sensuous Sportiness design philosophy, while reflecting the ratio, architecture, style and technology in the best way. zamit has sharp, agile and athletic lines derived from the image of a shark at the moment.

Lafesta offers 150 kW of power (203 hp) and a maximum torque of 310 Nm and can travel 490 km on a single charge. The tech car is equipped with a 56.5 kWh high-capacity lithium battery. zamIt also has a panoramic sunroof that can be controlled by voice.

Centered Motor Racer Hyundai: RM19

Another model Hyundai introduced in 2019 AutoMobility LA is the RM19 Racing Midship racing car concept. The mid-engine RM19 is the latest member of Hyundai's RM (Racing Midship) series that started in 2012 and is a harbinger of future race and road versions.

Having a 2.0 liter turbocharged, direct injection engine developed by Hyundai, RM19 has a full 390 horsepower. 19-0 km / h acceleration of RM100 takes less than four seconds.

In addition to the gasoline turbo engine, the advanced electric powertrain used in the vehicle is one of the major features of RM19. It has industry-leading electric powertrain, including Hyundai, HEV, PHEV, BEV and FCEV models. Hyundai, which develops high-performance electric and FCEV prototypes with its partnership, will be introducing the 2025 environmentally friendly model until 44.

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