New Project from Ford Otosan and YGA: Dreams Want Information

ford otosan and ygadan new project dreams asks for information
ford otosan and ygadan new project dreams asks for information

leading company in the automotive sector in Turkey, Ford Otosan knowledge with imagination with wings carrying our future combine and children's technological world to already prepare the future "Dreams Information Whether" project, the Young Guru Academy (ROI), and Twin has implemented with the cooperation.

The project started with the inspiration from the technology sets of Twin, an educational technology company born within YGA, that makes children love science. Ford Otosan and Twin engineers gathered around the same table. The model of the International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award-winning F-MAX, which started as a “dream inde in autonomous sets developed with the common mind, then became a reality with Ford Otosan's R & D, innovation, engineering know-how and determination, was used.

The project was launched in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, and the tool sets are delivered to schools with Ford Otosan engineers and volunteers who have been carefully selected from YGA's 50.000 application and have completed the 1 annual social innovation program. Thus, "conscience and competence" children who met with role models equipped with biplane wings, producing and Turkey is encouraged to make an adult to have the technological superiority.

Turkey producing advanced technology, and have them work carried out in the areas of activity to come to a country that emits the world also reflects the social responsibility projects it addresses the sustainability approach Ford Otosan, "Dreams Information Whether" exudes the Open Innovation approach the young people and children; pioneers social innovation. Social Responsibility One of the most distinguishing features of this project, the pioneer of the 4.0 model, is that it goes beyond financial support and mobilizes the company's technological strengths with a vision that will add value to society.

Haydar Yenigün: “We transfer our knowledge to future generations”

Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün, in his speech at a press conference to announce the “Dreams Want Information” project, said, olarak As Ford Otosan, we shape the technologies of the future in the automotive sector and sign vehicles that change the dimensions of competition in the international arena. Our investments in the field of autonomous vehicle technology, especially driving and developing our activities we contribute to Turkey's engineering knowledge. With the 'Dreams Want Information' project, we aim to convey this knowledge to our children already and inspire them. We have developed a new set of technologies where they will experience autonomous driving technology to familiarize them with technologies that will help them build the future. We are delighted to invest in the future of our children and our country through our own fields of activity with this project, where we pioneered social innovation with our sustainable corporate social responsibility approach. ”

Haydar Yenigün is a “Dream Partner”

Haydar Yenigün stated that YGA's philosophy of raising “biplane youth ve and the approach of young people based on innovation to develop fundamental solutions to social problems coincide with Ford Otosan's understanding of corporate social responsibility and mentoring young people at YGA as a“ Dream Partner ”. support.

Sinan Yaman: "Turkey's brightest volunteers, delivers the latest technology with the needs of the schools"

Sinan Yaman, Chairman of YGA, said,, Social Responsibility With the 4.0 model, Ford Otosan and YGA engineers do R & D together to make children love science. Turkey's brightest volunteers, delivers the latest technology to the schools with the most needs. More importantly; Children who learn the essence of technology, will use the power of technology for projects useful to humanity.

Autonomous sets created in the first stage will be supported by artificial intelligence in the second stage.

The project is a three-year project with development processes. zamspreading for the moment. For the special sets developed by Ford Otosan engineers and the technology development company Twin teams that emerged from within YGA, the International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award-winning F-, which was born as a dream and turned into reality with Ford Otosan's R&D, innovation and engineering experience and determination. Based on MAX. In the first phase of the "Dreams Require Information" project, which aims to provide problem-solving skills to children who do not have access to new technologies, using technologies such as sensors, coding and artificial intelligence, programmable vehicle sets with basic sensor technology and autonomous driving will be sent to schools. It is aimed that children gain awareness about what they can do with technology by solving the experiments presented in the tool sets or by creating their own experiments.

The prototype of the “Artificial Intelligence Supported Autonomous Toolkit cak, which will be shared with children in the second phase of the project, is planned to be ready in January 2020. Developed by Ford Otosan and Twin engineers, this set will be a more concrete set of Ford Otosan's F-Vision approach. The set includes basic image recognition algorithms, block coding and artificial intelligence model trials, training and installation of new artificial intelligence models, artificial intelligence use scenarios and new problems. Under the project, 3 autonomous and artificial intelligence toolsets will be delivered to a total of 500 schools annually.

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