Fillo Logistics 'Nature is Our Home' Cleaned the Coast

fillo logistics cleared the shores saying nature is our home
fillo logistics cleared the shores saying nature is our home

Fillo Logistics has cleared Kumbaba Beach in Şile within the scope of its social responsibility campaign “Doğa Bizim Evimiz”.

20 collected more waste in the cleaning work, which was attended by Fillo Logistics employees and environmental volunteers, including Fillo Logistics General Manager Recep Demir. The collected wastes were delivered to the employees of the Coastal Cleaning Unit of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Stating that they organized this event to draw attention to environmental pollution and raise awareness, Recep Demir said, olarak As Fillo Logistics, we are aware of our responsibility and we must leave the world to our children in a livable way. “Nature is Our Home”, we started cleaning on our coasts. We were also happy to see our employees gladly participate in this event. We use our power for goodness and we know that goodness is contagious, and our children who are with us today also act with environmental awareness. ”

Our company, which started operating in the cargo sector in 1998, joined Aras Holding in 2003. In 2013, it was reconstructed as FILLO LOGISTICS by merging with Aras Logistics, which is also part of Aras Holding.

Fillo Logistics, 800 employees, 3 Shipping Office, 27 Crossdock, daily 7.000 delivery point and partial shipment capacity of 8.000 m3, 81 is a logistics company with a wide distribution network in the province, producing custom solutions for business partners.

Textile, garment, shoes, medical, automotive spare parts, fast consumption, merchandising, electronics, promotion etc. Fillo Logistics, which provides competitive advantage with its creative solutions to business partners operating in many sectors, responds to the needs of business partners at all stages of the supply chain, from raw material supply to product distribution and in-warehouse value-added services to reverse logistics services. Fillo Logistics has L1 authorization certificate.

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