What is the number of active vehicles in the EGO bus fleet?

In 2012, with the Law No. 6360, the boundaries of the contiguous area were expanded and the number of districts within the contiguous area increased from 16 to 25. Although the population of Ankara increased by 2013 between 2018-9 years, EGO bus fleet decreased by 20%.

The latest bus purchase to EGO General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality was made in 2013. Therefore, the average age of buses has increased to 10.5. This causes the vehicles to malfunction more frequently and increase the maintenance and repair costs.

Due to the insufficient number of buses, the demands of the public transportation service of the citizens living here with the increase of new settlements cannot be met to the extent requested.

2019 As of the year, the number of active vehicles is 1540. This number includes 97 1999 model Solo and Bellows buses. Because of the economic life of these buses, the service breaks down constantly. These failures cause the service program to be interrupted during the day. Some vehicles are not used at all.

Within the framework of these data regarding the status of the current bus fleet, it is unfortunately not possible to open new lines or increase service on routes with high passenger density. This situation causes the citizens to be victims.

In order to ensure the most effective and efficient use of the existing buses of the General Directorate of EGO, it conducts a Line Optimization study throughout Ankara. For this purpose, a team has been formed within the organization. This team, first of all, handles the problematic lines and zamIt will produce solutions in a moment.

In addition to this, by approaching the transportation and traffic problems of Başkent Ankara with a conscious public perspective and modern transportation policies and techniques, it is important to ensure that the right, fair and balanced transportation decisions are free from political demands in the most rational way environmental, modern, economic, aims to fulfill the cheap public transport systems.

number of active vehicles of the ego headquarters
number of active vehicles of the ego headquarters

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