Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Turkey Rally Championship 2019 Stamp Hit

Castrol-Ford team has marked the turkey turkey rally championship
Castrol-Ford team has marked the turkey turkey rally championship

37. Ford Otosan Kocaeli Rally Turkey Rally Championship "Brands", "Pilot" and "co-pilots" Castrol-proclaimed champion Ford Team Turkey, 2019 Turkey Rally Championship season's final race of the Green Bursa Rally '2 draws While winning the "Pilots" and "Co-Pilots" championship in the category of ", it has succeeded in being among the top 5 in the general classification with 3 teams.

2019 Turkey Rally Championship, the 7th and the last race of the season, Bursa Automobile Sports Club (BOSSEK) this year organized by 44'üncü ended with Green Bursa Rally. In the Green Bursa Rally, teams exhibited a fierce struggle on the asphalt paved track with a total length of 114,10 kilometers in the Orhaneli-Keles region.

6 of the season before the Green Bursa Rally. 37 racing. Ford Otosan at Kocaeli Rally “Brands","pilots” and ”Co-Pilots"Castrol-proclaimed champion Ford Team Turkey, Green Bursa Rally in the season's final race '2 draws in the category of" Pilot "and" co-pilots "took place with three teams in the top 5 overall ranking won the championship.

Ümitcan Özdemir - Batuhan Memişyazıcı duo champion in 2 draw category

'2 pulls' category Fiesta R2T tools and season since the beginning of successfully fighting ümitcan Özdemir - Batuhan Memişyazıc duo achievements in the season's final 2 race reiterated in the Green Bursa Rally 2019 2 in Turkey Rally Championship. times in a row “Two Flying Pilots” and ”Co-Pilots”Has won the championship.

Rally of Turkey in the past two years the Young Drivers' Champion, Castrol Ford Team Turkey that grow on the roof And Sunman by exiting the road in the rally he took for the championship until the last km of the last stage in the Yeşil Bursa Rally. zamlost the moment and the Young Pilots finished the season as the runner-up.

Champion Murat Bostanci Turkey Rally Championship - Honor Patriots duo!

4 pulls Fiesta R5 struggling in the overall standings with Castrol Ford Team Turkey's European Cup winner with pilot engines EcoBoost engine award-winning international year Contact Murat directly 3 with the support of our experienced co-pilot Onur Vatansever. Once Turkey Rally Championship 'Pilots Championshipwon.

Bob: "Castrol Ford Team Turkey as we have continued to dominate the rally season 2019"

Noting that Turkey Rally Championship this year 2019 in a fierce struggle occurred Castrol Ford Team Turkey Serdar Bostanci Team Director, said his assessment:

"Castrol Ford Team as Turkey, have left behind a highly contested season for us. 6 of the season. 37 racing. Ford Otosan, our first goal in Kocaeli Rally 'pilots',' co-pilot ',' brands' We have achieved their championship season in the Green Bursa Rally, the last race, "2 pulls' by completing the category of racing ranks first in Turkey Rally Championship We won the most important 6 category in the 5. In the category of young pilots, we have fought until the last moment in the struggle we have taken to the front and this season is 2. We completed the order. We were very happy to complete this challenging season by successfully winning championships in all of our lanes. I would like to congratulate all our pilots, Co-Pilot and our technical teams for their outstanding achievement, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for supporting us throughout the season. ”

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