Visit by President Aktaş to TRAGGER's Production Center

President Aktaştan Visit to TRAGGER's Production Center
President Aktaştan Visit to TRAGGER's Production Center

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited local and national% 100 electric TRAGGER New Generation Service Vehicles closely during the factory visit. TRAGGER Founder Partners Ali Serdar Emre and Saffet Çakmak'dan received information about the service vehicles. TRAGGER service vehicles are produced in production facilities located in Bursa Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone.

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited TRAGGER's production facilities for domestic and national 100 electric service vehicles. Mr. Aktaş and Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar, Chairman of Science Department Feridun Agriculture, Head of Transportation Department Gazali Şen, Head of Parks and Gardens Department Hakan Bebek, Rail Systems Branch Manager Mr. Rustan Şanlı, National and New Generation Service Received detailed information about the tools.

Mr. Alinur Aktaş, who was met by TRAGGER Founding Partner Ali Serdar Emre and Saffet Çakmak and received information about the products in TRAGGER factory located in Bursa Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone, examined the vehicles and made a test drive with Pro Series and Transfer Series T-Car. Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş and the delegation who visited Bursa, TRAGGER'in found in the assembly line. The President and the delegation, who also visited the R & D department and met with the team, received information by examining the work of the electric motor. After the presentation, Mr. Aktaş and his delegation had dinner together with TRAGGER team.

TRAGGER New Generation Service Vehicle Family 20 is produced with years of engineering and design experience and expertise

TRAGGER branded vehicles have been developed in accordance with the logistics needs of people and businesses. Prepared by combining advanced engineering, R & D and design, TRAGGER's New Generation Electric Service Vehicles are produced in the Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa, with the national and national percent 100 electric having a mission consistent with the national technology move targets of our country.

20 in the automotive field is producing solutions for the needs of different service areas with its new generation products which are produced with engineering and design experience and expertise. % 100 electric new generation service vehicle family TRAGGER, Professional, Logistics and Transfer Series consists of 3 series. Produced since 2018, QD and LC Pro Series vehicles are the ideal tools of the segment with their ideal dimensions and high working performances, especially in airports, factories, confined spaces, campuses, port transportation, maintenance services or performing a certain function. (Tow Tractor) Series; It was produced to serve as a tow truck in facilities such as factories, warehouses, ports and airports. T-Car for transfer purposes, touristic facilities, hotels, resorts, campuses, city hospitals, airports, factories, indoor areas, has the ability to transport personnel and freight.

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