ANTBIS Stations Fee Schedule and Member Transactions

ANTBİS Stations Fee Schedule and Member Transactions: In order to promote the use of bicycles for entertainment and sports purposes, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality encourages the use of bicycles as a means of transportation; ANTBIS aims to expand the Bisiklet Smart Bicycle Sharing System inde throughout Antalya, thus providing a healthy and environmentally friendly transportation for all bicycle lovers.

With Smart Bike Sharing System, bike lovers will not have to carry their bikes with them, they can rent bikes from ANBİS stations and leave them to any ANTBİS stations.

What is Smart Bike System?

It is a sustainable bicycle sharing system that serves as an alternative means of transport for bicycle lovers in many metropolises, eliminates the necessity of carrying bicycles by supporting with technological database and can be integrated into the transportation network in the city.

The purpose of this system is to ensure that the 3 - 5 km distances can be traveled without having to drive a motor vehicle. In this way, the burden on public transport and the impact of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases will be reduced and the society will have the opportunity to use a healthier and more environmentally friendly means of transport.

ANTBIS Fee Schedule

2017 Year
Credit Card Blocking Fee 24 TL
Subscriber Card Fee 5 TL
Hourly Usage Fees
Total of 1 hours 1.5 TL
Total of 2 hours 2.5 TL
For Every Additional Hour 2 TL

How to Subscribe to ANTBIS Smart Bicycle System?

You can make your membership transactions from ANTBİS Subscriber Center located next to ANTBİS Metropolitan Municipality Station.

You must have reached the age of 18 to become a member of the rental bike system.

You must have an identity card with you when applying for a member card.

Member card fee is 5 TL. You can load your card from the member point.

How to Buy Bicycles from ANTBIS Stations

1. With the mobile application; You can become a member with ANTBIS application, you can upload balance to your account and you can rent with the password you will get from the single-use password menu.

To get your bike delivered; Press Enter on the keypad next to the bike. Enter your one-time password and press enter again. You can pick up your bike with a snap sound

2. With Subscription Card; Karaalioğlu park you can remove your card from the initiative Antbis Subscriber Center and you can rent by loading credit. (KIOSK DEVICES ARE NOT RECEIVED BY SUBSCRIBER CARD)

To get your bike delivered; Swipe your card on the keypad screen next to the bike. Enter your password and press Enter. You can pick up your bike with a snap sound.

3. With credit card; 24 TL will be blocked from your card per bike when renting with a credit card via the kiosk device. When you deliver and use your bike, you will be charged the amount corresponding to the hour you are using in the blocked amount and the remaining amount will be released on your card at 23.30 the following night. Due to the functioning system of the banks, the blockage period varies between 1 and 30 days.

To receive your bike; Press the Enter button on the keypad next to the bike. Key in your rental password and password from Antbis and press the enter button again. You can pick up your bike with the click sound.

4. Kent with card; You can create an Antbis membership account from the bike rental menu with personalized 18 city cards defined in your name. You can transfer the balance on your city card to your antbis account and rent a single-use password.

Credit Upload

With 1-ANTBIS mobile application

Click on the Member menu and log in. (If you do not remember your details, please click on the I forgot my password option. Your login will be sent via SMS)
You can easily do the loading process from the Get Card - Upload Credit menu.

From 2-Kiosk

Click on the Install Credit menu and select the subscription member.
Swipe your card and say forward and key in your card password and touch it again.
Once you have checked your account information, you can easily upload from the Upload credit menu again.

ANTBIS Smart Bicycle Stations

Our ANTBIS Smart Bike System currently operates in six stations.

  1. Boğaçayı Station (opposite Akdeniz Blv. Erdoğan Residences)
  2. Konyaaltı Square Station (opposite Akdeniz Blv. Hilmi Kokoreç)
  3. Olbia Station (Dumlupinar Blv. Olbia Square Area)
  4. Variant Station (Beach Park entrance Konyaalti Beach Start)
  5. Atatürk Park Station (Konyaaltı Cad. Next to Atatürk Park)
  6. Closed Road Station (Milli Egemenlik Cad. Closed Road Entrance - In Front of Halk Bank)
  7. Işıklar Station (Genclik Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Street Karaalioglu Park Entrance)
  8. Sampi Interchange Station (Metin Kasapoğlu Cad. Beytaş Sit. Front of ABC Blocks)
  9. Düden Park Station (Çağlayan Mah. Shelters Blv. Düden Park Entrance - In front of Fire Department)


To access the ANTBIS map here Click here!

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