How Anadol Automobile Brand Was Born

How anadol car brand was born
How anadol car brand was born

xnumx'l year until there were only some European cars, American cars and in Turkey. After the 1960 Revolution, in accordance with the demand of President Cemal Gürsel for the construction of a national car, the Revolution car was produced in Eskişehir Tülomsaş Factory in 1960. However, for known reasons, the works were stopped before mass production could be started.

At that time, industrialist Vehbi Koç had a dream of producing domestic automobiles. Producing trucks under the Ford brand at Otosan Factories, which he established at 1959, Koç now wanted to produce his dream Turkish car under the roof of Otosan Factories.

At 1964, the Koç Group took action to cooperate with the British company Reliant. In principle, it was accepted that the prototype of the fiberglass vehicle had two doors and that the engine, gearbox and differential were taken from Ford. David Ogle from Ogle Design, a specialist in small cars and high performance cars in the UK, designed the car and the first prototype was produced. He returned, however, had to be approved by the Prime Minister this project in Turkey.

22 December The Ministry of Industry officials, who examined the prototype and test drive at 1965, announced that they would allow production on condition that they carry out production in 10 month and the price is below 30 thousand pounds. 10 January Official application has been made at 1966. 1966 was a very busy year for Otosan. In the meantime, a survey was made to name the car and the new car 'Anadol' was given the name.

19 December Anadol, the first domestic car in 1966, landed on the production line as planned. The selling price of the car was 26 thousand 800 pounds and this figure was coming to 1966 thousand 2 dollars with the exchange rate in 980. The first two-door Anadol had an 1.2 liter, 1198 cc Anglia Ford engine. In the first year, the production of Anadol produced 1750 units in series reached 8 thousand in the following years. The mass production of the two-door model was completed in 71. Capacity of engines increased from 4 liters to 1975 liters.

Single-door Anadol 1966-1975 years between 19 thousand 715 units sold, while four-door Anadol 1971-1981 thousand 35 thousand 365 units were sold.

Anadol has taken place in the world classic car literature as 1967 Anadol A1 and 1973 STC 16 models. A total of 1984 thousand 62 units were produced until the year 543, which farewell to Anadol belts, was replaced by Ford Taunus with sheet metal bodywork.

Prof. İlhami Pektaş

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