24 November Teachers' Day Special Discounts and Campaigns

Special Discounts and Campaigns for 24 November Teachers' Day; MEB has created a series of programs in order to regain the reputation of the teachers, who are praised every year on November 24, but whose problems cannot be solved. In addition to events such as concerts, theater, exhibitions, many institutions and organizations also offer special discounts and campaigns.

Campaigns and discounts for teachers are as follows

Turkish Economy Bank (TEB): Teachers will be able to benefit from consumer loans, which offer the opportunity to postpone for 1,08 months with an interest rate starting from 3 percent. With TEB Marifetli Account, teachers can benefit from their savings with advantageous interest rates. zamoffers the convenience of instant deposit and withdrawal.

Pera Museum: Until the 24th of November, teachers can visit the museum free of charge.

TCDD Transportation Inc.: On 24-30 November, 50 percent discount will be applied to teachers on high-speed train main line train tickets.

PTT: Domestic arrivals APS courier and mail cargos today, 25 discount by the end of the day. During the campaign, special stamps will be printed for teachers.

Turkish telecom:24 Between November and 1 December, 2 GB is a gift for unlimited internet and network calls.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality: Tünektepe Teleferik and Social Facility opens its doors to teachers free of charge on 24 November Teachers' Day. The teachers who reach Tünektepe with an altitude of 605 can watch the unique Antalya view.

Izmir Aquarium: The first and only aquarium of the Aegean is free to teachers until November 24. A mermaid show will also be held underwater in the aquarium.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality: ORBEL A.Ş. With the decision taken by 24 November Teachers' Day hence the 50 at the Cable Car Facility, Reverse Home and Adventure Park will be discounted.

TK:20 Discount for Teacher Spouses and Children from Turkish Airlines

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality:IMM Social Facilities as every year this year because of Teachers' Day; 23 and 24 will host our teachers who build our future in November with their families at a discount of 20 percent.

Discount application including retired teachers; Arnavutköy, Avcilar, Beykoz Koru, Beykoz Beach, Camlica, Dragos, Fethipasa, Florya, Godagi, Halic, Istinye, Kasimpasa, Kucukcekmece, Safa Hill, Sultanbeyli Pond and Cihangir Social Facilities will be available in the restaurant sections. The discount, which will be used by presenting the corporate identity card, will be applied as 8 percent up to 20 person and as 8 percent for more than 10 person.

IBN Affiliate AGAC AS 23-24 In November, all Garden Market teachers will apply a special percent discount 15. AĞAÇ AŞ, which prepares mini gardens for Teachers' Day, will be available in all Garden Markets throughout Istanbul.

As a part of 24 November Teachers' Day, İBB Subsidiary KÜLTÜR AŞ started to offer a big discount in online shopping between 20-27 November. The discount campaign, which reaches up to 65 percent in selected books and 50 percent in stationery and gift items, attracts great attention.

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